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Flubaroo Turns Google Forms into Self Graded Quizes

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Last week a teacher here at ISB asked me if I had ever heard of Flubaroo. I hadn’t at the time and then over the course of the next three days Flubaroo came up 5 more times. Today I took some time to play with it and it is an amazing script that takes Google Forms to a new level.

The Flubaroo websites has great step by step instructions on how it works and it’s easy to use. It even allows you to e-mail the students their scores right from the Google Sheet. A powerful add-on script for educators. All you need is a free Google Account! Give it a try and see what you think.

Just another reasons why Open Wins!

I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


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  2. Hi Jeff…

    This is certainly an interesting tool, but my worry is that – for all but the most innovative teachers – it doesn’t change much.

    Teachers are continually looking for digital testing tools but I always hesitate to offer suggestions that reinforce traditional instruction and assessment methodologies. It’s not that digitizing previous practice can’t offer efficiencies, but REAL change will be when we transform assessment away from industrial model of content regurgitation to authentic, relevant assessment experiences.

    Yours in learning,

  3. As a school that uses criterion-based assessment, I think this is a fantastic tool. There is no way that our teachers could confuse this with an authentic or summative assessment, but it’s possibilities for formative assessment are immense. I can see this being used as an exit card for students. I can also see it being used in flipped classroom, where students input their answers to the model questions and the teacher then uses the results to identify and clarify misconceptions and to create groups of students for group work the next class.

    The next step would be instant email responses to students once they’ve submitted their answers…

    Thanks for sharing Jeff!

    • My thoughts exactly Clint…and I I’m sure there is away to make that instant e-mail happen. I know you can add a script that will send the results of a form to the person filling it out. What you would have to do is allow the Flubaroo script run frist and then run the e-mail script after that.

    • Good point…GREAT teachers with a clear vision will do wonders with this…and yes, it has some wonderful potential in many ways.

      I guess it’s like the IWB craze…the power of the tool lies in the vision of the teacher.

  4. Like you, Jeff, it’s also my first time to hear about Flubaroo. Admittedly, it’s no Quia, but Flubaroo’s report is comparable to what Quia has. I can see it being used to administer diagnostic tests in class, or maybe even group reviews.

    I would love to see the script extended to cover surveys soon, too!

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  6. I had not heard about flubaroo until this blog post. Lately, I have been puzzling in my head how to get my students to understand that in order to re-assess on a particular standard, they need to look over their previous assessments, take in the feedback given, and actually prepare for the re-assessment.

    I’m thinking flubaroo will be an excellent way to monitor this: give them the link to the form, let them take the quiz, and they can re-assess when they score 75% or higher on the “entrance” quiz.

    Cool. Thanks!

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