NECC Keynote-Dewitt Jones

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Dewitt Jones:

First can I say how HUGE this conference hall is! Five large screens giving late comers like me sitting way in the back a great view via a screen.

Dewitt’s motivational speech was great, of course the beautiful pictures that he had to help tell his story were great as well.
Dewitt’s message was simple. Push yourself to be more than you are. Find the ‘perfect picture’ and continue looking for the right answer even if you think you’ve found it.

A great message for a technology conference. There is more than one right answer when using technology. Different teachers use technology in different ways, all of which are the ‘right answers’ for that teacher and class.
We need to continue to look at technology in new ways, to find the next right answer and continue to show teachers, students, and parents ways to harness the power of technology.

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