MY top 7 eduposts of 2005-2006

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I finally found some time this morning to post what I think our my top 7 posting of the 05-06 school year. Vicki Davis of the Cool Cat Teacher Blog asked for our top 10. I couldn’t find 10 I really liked so I only have 7. (Guess that says something about my writing!)

So here are my top postings!

NETS in the 2.0 World: 11/18/05

My 25% PD: 2/17/06

Perpetual Beta vs. Perpetual Education: 1/23/06

Traditions: 3/15/06

We don’t know what we don’t know: 5/4/06

I was almost right!: 4/17/06

Web 2.0 (A digital story based on the wikipedia entry of Web 2.0): 3/8/06

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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


  1. Great entries. You have so many great posts but these are 7 great ones. I’m sure I and your other readers can suggest some other good ones to add to the list. Thank you for having such a great blog.

  2. Thanks for posting your favorite entries. My favorite of yours are I was almost Right! (which just cracked me up) and Perpetual Beta vs. Perpetual Education. You always get me thinking. Thanks also for posting where you got the idea to post your top 2005-2006.

  3. What a nice surprise today to find your blog — from a link at CoolCats —

    You look like you will be busy at NECC — my schedule is not so crowded, but I am sure it will fill up as soon as I get there.

    I also agree with another bloggers comment to NOT bring your laptop to the GasLight district. It is such a pretty place — just enjoy it non-technologically!!

    Thank you for several good reads this morning. I especially enjoyed the “Almost Right”. Your comment about marrying up and your wife looking down will probably be shared with many friends today!!

    Enjoy your day!
    Perhaps our paths will cross at NECC.


  4. Andy Torris Reply

    Nice review for me Jeff! Thanks for putting it into the list. I am working up the courage to do this stuff as well….. I will look to you for help!

    Have fun in SD!

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