Telling the New Story-David Warlick

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Pretty good room full for David’s Telling the New Story session. I’d say there’s probably 125 or so here.

David starts the presentation by showing a video of an elephant jumping on a trampoline. Stating can we train education to do this referring to training the elephant to jump on the trampoline.

David shows us the handout blog he has made and the Telling the New Story wiki.


  • Being Master
  • Being Creative
  • Telling a Compelling New Story
    • Must fit the market place

David talks about Friedman’s book The World is Flat and the Dell’s supply chain that Friedman’s discusses in his book.

The question is “What do I need to know, to be able to facilitate this kind of supply chain?”

Next up is the book The flight of the Creative Class. Need to put this book on my summer reading list.

We think technology as we were born in a time that was defined by our machines. Students today think in terms of information and stories. The information is more important than the technology they use. Can we as teachers and education move to a place where we can think of information and not technology?

David wrapped up the session by telling a story of when he first started teaching. A new story of sorts talking about the power of communication and how technology allows us to communicate no only with students in our classroom, but with students, teachers, and others around the world.

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  1. Andy Torris Reply

    It seems that communications is the skills of the future. I need to file that away and use it later! Heaven’s knows I will be talking about this a lot in the fall.

    As for the skills to facilitate a supply chain? Wow… that is a question worth pondering. I will do some more investigation (read researching and summarizing for myself) so I can use that INFORMATION for better decisions.

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