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Dear International Administrators

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Dear International Administrators,

Please help me. I have teachers in almost every content area at all most every grade level asking for help in finding schools that understand the shift in learning that is happening.

I have English teachers, Technology people, Social Studies teachers, Elementary teachers, etc asking for help.

They all ask for the same thing:


Do you know of a school that is changing? That understands the shift that is happening in education? Do you know of any schools that will allow someone like me to explore this new digital landscape?

Administrators…they are out there…are you looking for them? Are you looking for people that can help you understand this new digital landscape. That can help move your school forward? If you are one of those administrators please leave a comment below with your name and school and how teachers should contact you. I know there are many International Educators out there who are waiting to hear from you.

Thank you,


I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


  1. And please, Mr Administrator, can you speak to your business leader friends and tell them about all the corporate learning professionals out there looking for pretty much the same thing?

  2. Jeff,
    Hmmm…. Maybe I should copy your post, change a few words …. punch it up a bit, as only I can …. – ummm, or maybe not …. and then re-title it, “Dear United States School Administrators,” and post it on my blog.

    Well it’s a thought anyhow.

    But if any international administrators do express interest … I might just be interested too. : )

    Maybe a whole group of us could move to where ever this administrator-to-be-named-later has a school and make it happen. Who for Kindergarten?, 1st?, 2nd?… sign up now while there are still openings! : )

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  4. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for this post. I am anxiously awaiting the flux of comments from Admin…. it’s been nearly a week now… c’mon! 😉 Let’s see where this all goes. I like Brian’s idea, too!


  5. Thanks for writing this post Jeff. I have bent over backwards trying to tell administrators that I can help them understand this new digital landscape, and that I can help move their schools forward?

    But it seems that many schools are still looking for teachers that have old school experience over innovation and passion. Perhaps we are still too early for the shift. Let’s see how many admin actually leave comments here. I would love to speak with any who do.

    I am one of the teacher Jeff is talking about and I am looking for a school who is ready to make the shift in learning.

  6. Melissa Julian Reply

    I am truly interested to see if there are any hits on this. And I agree with the others, this should go out to United States Administrators as well. Where are you? Im looking for you?

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