Dear International Administrators

Dear International Administrators,

Please help me. I have teachers in almost every content area at all most every grade level asking for help in finding schools that understand the shift in learning that is happening.

I have English teachers, Technology people, Social Studies teachers, Elementary teachers, etc asking for help.

They all ask for the same thing:


Do you know of a school that is changing? That understands the shift that is happening in education? Do you know of any schools that will allow someone like me to explore this new digital landscape?

Administrators…they are out there…are you looking for them? Are you looking for people that can help you understand this new digital landscape. That can help move your school forward? If you are one of those administrators please leave a comment below with your name and school and how teachers should contact you. I know there are many International Educators out there who are waiting to hear from you.

Thank you,