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google+Funny looking back at my older blog posts of Google+ here on the blog. It seems like every year I feel like I need to blog about how Google+ really is turning into a large part of my PLN. In fact over the last few weeks I have spent more time in Google+ than I have on Twitter…way more. The conversation I feel is deeper, more engaging and the communities….the sharing that happens in the communities is amazing. Much like the hashtag communities on Twitter the Google+ communities are rich with discussion, sharing and helping.

[box] Blast from the Past:

Dec. 2011: Google+ Reflection

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Aug. 2013: 7 Google+ Communities You Should be following[/box]

If you only want two PLNs….Twitter and Google+ get my vote!

If you are just getting started with Google+ or you are a Google Apps school. The best thing you can do is put all the Google Products into a circle. Every Google App has it’s own account and they all are posting interesting tips, tricks and updates all the time.

Here are direct links to a few to get you started. You can search for the rest on your own.





Communities are still where I find I spend most of my time that an in Hangouts…oh how I love hangouts! There are way too many to list (although here are 7 Google+ Communities You Should be followinghere but if you’re looking for a community chances are it already exists.

Don’t knock it till you try it…..and maybe this summer your goal is to start playing with Google+. If you want a really nice how to guide to get you started this is the best one I know of out there.

See ya on the network!

I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.

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  1. Jeff, I completely agree. For the past year I’ve been using G+ more and Twitter less. I’ve even setup a G+ to Twitter recipe via IFTTT so when I post something to G+ it auto posts to Twitter. I wish G+ and Twitter used the same @ or + handle so when I cross post it keeps and/or finds the user. Though I suppose this assumes the G+ and Twitter handles are the same (which mine are not).

    I still use an RSS reader (mainly Feedly but also, Flipboard which I’m using more, and Pulse which is great on the iPad) but the learning I gain from G+ keeps me coming back to it first! Communities is definitely where it’s at. I also find them super helpful and I always get a response from someone when I post a question (unlike Twitter).

    I will definitely still keep using Twitter but G+ just keeps getting better.

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