What is it all worth?

One of the 100 best companies to work for 2008.In about 20 minutes I’ll be in a taxi on my way to the airport to visit the United Nations International School in Hanoi. In preparing for the conference I’ve been up dating a couple of my slides and like to use Google as an example of what skills companies are looking for in today’s work force.

After all, Google was named a Fortune 100 best companies to work for in 2008. So why not see what one of the best companies is looking for in their employees. So I found the job openings for Google in Singapore. As this is pretty close to all of use here in the South Asia region.

Here’s the list of job openings:

google jobs in Singapore by you.

So looking at the list I tried to figure out which of these jobs you could have predicted would have been here say 5 years ago.

Not knowing what a “DoubleClick Rich Media Campaign Manger” would do I clicked on the link.

Here are the requirements for that job:



Which of these skills do students need a college degree for

If you wanted to do this job could you learn the skills without going to a traditional school?

What do we need to be preparing students for if one of the top 100 companies to work for has these skills/knowledge as their requirements?

Just some questions to ponder while I’m on the plane. 🙂