College students warned about social-networking sites

eSchool News reported this:

As the popularity of social-networking web sites
such as and continues to rise, many college
campuses have taken to discussing the dangers often associated with
these and other sites as a part of their freshman orientation programs.
While the sites can be effective vehicles for tech-savvy students to
meet and greet new friends, administrators say, students should be
careful about the type of content they post online and how that content
might affect their reputation and that of their school.

Is it just me or are we to late?

The education of these sites along with educating students about Internet safety should have started long before these freshmen entered college. In college (for the most part) you are 18, a legal adult able and required by many countries to join the armed forces, vote, smoke, etc. To me this is a clear case of Information literacy. Students who have not been taught how to navigate, use, and contribute to an information world. There will always be those that choose not to follow the rules, but we need to start educating students about social-networks now, college is to late.

Just another reason by DOPA is doppy. If we can’t access these social-networks at school how do we teach students to use them responsible, to navigate them successfully and contribute to the global information web. You can’t teach what you can’t access.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    I rather admired the effort undertaken my our local university to advise students about social networking sites. A poster can be found here

    link to

    I don’t know that all students, even college age, are as sophisticated as we think they are.

    All the best,


    PS. I am envious of your new library media center – it looks beautiful!

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