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Ok, so these pictures were taken 72 hours after the original ones (scroll down to see earlier post).

Carpet is almost finished. When we did the walk through I counted 16 guys laying carpet.

This is the media center looking back towards the center. It shows the height and openness a little better.

This is the second part of the media center. Because the school is still growing we are expecting that in the future this will be more of a library space to house books, etc. But until then this becomes my little media area. A large open room with wireless access. There will be some folding partion walls that can be moved to form different size and shape rooms. I invision some cool chairs like bean bags and such for kids to come in and sit relax and surf the net. There will also be two areas that will have white boards so that teachers can come into the space have the kids grab bean bag chairs start a lesson and then send them into the other part of the media center for research. There is also an inclosed 20 computer computer lab with a digital white board and I think video conferencing equipment (2-42inch flat screen TVs running a polycom system) One of our first projects in the media class will be to make a virtual tour. I’ll make sure I upload it here for you to see.

Hooked on to my portion of the media center is the new cafeteria. As you can see it is in the final stages. We were told today that will be ready to serve students on the 17th. Teachers will be in their classrooms on Thursday, and the furniture for the media center gets installed on Saturday. We’ve been asked to stay out of the way and out of the building as they make the final push to finish it on time. The results should be amazing.

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