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What does this mean?

When a News Agency uses Twitter to release breaking news.

And they are following some 1500 people.

What does this mean about gathering the news?

Have we once again collapsed the time of when an event is happening and when news break?

I keep thinking about how I could have used Twitter when we had an attack on our compound in Saudi.

The AP and BBC called some people on the compound 3 hours after the event. Would Twitter have changed that?

What implications if any does this have on society?

(Just thinking out loud)

I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


  1. I think that this will speed up the spread of news/information even more and everyone will have a voice.
    Recently I found TwittEarth http://twittearth.com/ The site fascinates me because with it you can see a world wide conversation going on. Right now it’s just a fun little mash up pulling Twitters from the Twits that log into their web site. But it is amazing to see these thoughts from around the world and to see the globe spin as they are posted, the world seems much smaller from that view.

  2. I think you’re right. I haven’t been using twitter all that long, and yet I have already seen times where the news station and bystanders are tweeting about it, and then it appears on TV a half an hour to an hour later. Like the last earthquake in California for example. It is instantaneous- with no wait time. I also think of the article about the student who got his way out jail through tweeting to his friends because there wasn’t a lot of support backing him up on foreign soil. I think of 9/11 here in the states, just 7 years ago and could it have made any difference if twitter were used then? Would the victims have been able to say their goodbyes maybe? They were using cell phones that day- how would twitter have helped? Interesting post. Does make you wonder.

  3. The last “sizable” earthquake last month in L.A. illustrated that Twitter is shortening the time frame for breaking news and also keeping family and friends in the loop of what’s going on. I couldn’t used my landline but I could text a message to Twitter while it was happening. It was also interesting to see all the Twitter posts of that one event timelined together.


    Good question to think about and to see how it affects news. I am definitely paying attention more to twitter, I just wonder if it can handle it because it is always down for maintenance…

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