Video Games as Constructivist Learning Environments-Mark Wagner

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Mark’s blog is edtechlife.com

www.dimenxian.com a video game for learning algerbra

What is Hard Fun?

This kid called the work fun because it was hard rather than in spite of being hard.” (Seymour Papert)

How do we make writing become hard fun? (Papert)

Work is fun because it is hard

John Dewey

Experience and Education

Democracy and Education

Experimental Schools


Assimilation and Accommodation
Lev Vygotsky

Experience is Social

Development is Social

The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)

Seymour Papert

Mindstorms, 1980

The Children’s Machine, 1993

The Connected Family, 1996
David Jonasson

Learning to Solve Problems with Technology


Mind Tools

Marc Prensky

Digital Game Based Learning, 2001

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, 2001

Don’t Bother Me Mom-I’m learning! 2006

James Paul Gee

What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy (2003)

Situated Language and Learning (2004)

Why video Games are Good For YOur Soul (2005)

Clark Aldrich

Simulations and the Future of Learning (2004)

Learning by Doing (2005)

Paradoxes, Sim Words, and Big Skills…

www.simschool.org a game for teachers to learn to be better teachers. “teach your simStudents & watch them respond!

David Williamson Shaffer

Epistemic Games

Simulation Prototypes

Ubiquitous Gameing or Augmented Reality

Kurt Squire

Civilization III at Indiana University

Prototypes at MIT

Games, Learing, and Socialty at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Constance Steinkuehler

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs)


Games, Learning, and Society conference

Constructivist Learning Environments

Engagement (How do we engage students today?)
Context (In what context do we teach skills?)
Inquirey (How do we teach and how do students learn to question results?)
Collaboraton (In the new social world in which we live, are we teaching students to be collabrative learners?)
Reflection (How do we teach studnets to reflect on their learning…reflection=learning)

Web-Based Games

Play in your browser

Mostly Free

Engaging and content related

Great for younger studnets


Commercial Off the Shelf Games (COTS)

Teachers may not be able to develop a cutting edge game, but many games can be repurposed.

“Instead of embedding a game into learning, it is possible to embed learning into a game.” (Downes, 2005)


Civilizatontion III

Kurt Squire

25% complained the game was too hard, complicated and uninteresting

25% loved playing the game, thought it was a “Perfect way to learn history”, and a highlight of their year.

Students played the game in different ways, leading to highly different understandings.

Making History

Created to teach WWII in high school history classes

Neverwinter Nights

Serious Games

Food Force


Creating Games





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