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I’ve made it a point to take some time out of my busy day to relax and read and respond to some student blogs at our school’s blog headquarters. I’ll try not to do this too ofter..but sometimes the writing and reflection are so good…I just have to share. So here is what has me thinking tonight.


Even though there are no privacy online but these blogs help you alot.
On Joho’s Blog it talked about how some students use web to create
study guidesadn teachers use it for replacement for bulletin board and
share information online with parents. Also this Ap calculus class,
students take turn to be the note-taker and post notes on a blog. I
found it very amusing because we can do so much online and i think in
the future we will use blog more than before. Also we will just do
homework online and just blog everything online.

**kiT KAt**

OMG…tch i donno wht 2 say….. Did you understand any of these words? If
you didn’t, then I don’t balme you. The tech teacher in my school ask
me a simple question which had led to an arguement;” Should you use
MSN talk when writing a blog?” (Full Disclosure…I’m the tech teacher)

Sweet or Sour?

Should we post stuff with chat language on blogs? A lot of people
do. In my opinion, if it’s a piece of research or something serious or
important, you shouldn’t put chat language inside. No one will take you

Am I Dreaming?

dear people,

I am reading a book called “Charlie Bone and the Hidden King”. It’s
a fantastic book, lots of mini mysteries going on and lots of magic
unlike “Harry Potter”.

Jon’s Fifth Grade Life!

Today my class started something new called a monologue. The word
monologue split up is mono, which means one, and logue, which means
speak. It means that you are a character and you are just talking to
nobody, kind of like your thoughts.

Like I tell my students…if you feel a need to comment do…if not…that’s OK…we don’t always engage in every conversation we have. 🙂 Here’s the amazing part. These posts span 5-12 grade. Different topics, and different ideas. I’m finding the site a fascinating place just to learn what’s on the mind of our students and what they’re learning in class. If you’re looking for a place to comment with your blogging students let me point you to 140+ blogs as blogs.saschinaonline.org. The blogging headquarters of Shanghai American School.



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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


  1. I looked at your student blog site and I am interested in knowing how you run it. I, too, am a technology teacher and I am interested in using blogging in the classroom, but my administration is leery. I have been given approval to use, but I want to keep the blogs as locked down as possible at the beginning. It looks like you are using blogs.saschinaonline.org as a central blog and students have individual blogs. Do you have any control over what the students post (like moderated posts or comments on their blogs)? That’s what I’m looking for. I have set up a blog on, and that’s what I am “allowed” to use for now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. These are great examples. So, how has blogging been taught to these students, what criteria were these students given and how were they assessed?

  3. I think something went crazy with my link HTML above. This is what I meant to say: I have set up a blog on learnerblogs.org

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