Time to put my foot where my mouth is…or is it mouth where my foot is?

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My review of NECC 2006 wasn’t all that pleasant.

But now it’s time to shut up and put up. So I’ve decided to submit a proposal for NECC 2007. I’m starting to understand how difficult it is to think about what to present 8 months before the actual conference. So here’s the thing. If you are, or are planning to go to NECC 2007. What would you want to hear, do, be involved in? What can I offer to other educators that felt the same way I did last year. What’s the story, the conversation, the application that you want to know about or you think would be successful at NECC. If you have any thoughts please share.

I’m also planning to submit a proposal to ETC 2007. This is our regional East Asia conference of International Schools. There I plan on doing something on digital literacy as it will be more than just those interested in technology at the conference . I see this conference as a way to expand the conversation outside of the tech world and into the other content areas. My focus here will be to get as many math, language, social studies, science teachers and anyone else who wants to join to sit down for an hour and talk about the new literacy of our students and what that means to classroom teaching.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.

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  1. Jeff
    I agree it is a dilemma trying to put in a proposal so far ahead for NECC. Last year I knew I wanted to develop podcasting in the school and the fact that I had been accepted to present at NECC helped keep me going throughout the year. My request to you is show us what you are doing with your students in your school combined with your own educational philosophy. Easy right? 😉 Even though I love all of our conference professional consultants (Warlick, Stager, Richardson et al) I think you and I and others are still in an enviable position as we are continuing to face students everyday and deal front on with emerging technologies, with implementation problems, professional development issues and more. We also face solving these within a non-US and non-western culture which makes it twice as challenging and interesting I think (I would prefer to call it interesting and not dwell on the ‘novelty’ aspect that creeps in…..Bangladesh, where is that? Gee, you have come a long way!!)
    Be passionate about what you do and present on real-life classroom experiences…I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.
    Good luck, Julie

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