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The All-New School

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SOON, EVERYTHING WILL START TO CLICK. There’s a reason the new school clicks with so many people. It’s supposed to. Throughout the school, you’ll notice an uncanny familiarity to your life beyond the walls.

Consider, if you will, the new classroom that comes standard. It’s engineered with more than students in mind. The push-button world has been taken into account. The multi-tasking tendencies of modern society have been duly noted. The result is a classroom that doubles as a remote control for the rest of the education system. And that means instant access to everything from 3D maps to over 700 voice-activated information sources.

Every resource is selected in anticipation of your every need within the school. And every one of them is arranged precisely in relation to your needs within the class. Which means greater accessibility. More flexibility. And independent control without leaving a classroom.

It may become your next essential modern learning device. That’s the goal, really. To deliver the kind of school that becomes indispensable. Quintessential. Absolute. Human. The all-new school. More spacious, more luxurious, more complete and unique, from those who know it best. Teachers.

Adapted from: Honda Inc., (2007, November). The All-New Accord From Honda. Men’s Health, 10-11.

Two different ads I created with credit to photo author and Honda ad.Click to see them full size on Flickr.

The All-New School


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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


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  4. If schools had the R&D and PR departments that private industry has – and were equally responsive to “customers” – education might be as cutting edge as your doctored ads suggest!

  5. Love the idea. How far away from this school do you think we really are? Where do I apply?
    Diane, you are correct. We need R&D depts. But they need to talk to teachers first and foremost.

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  9. Wow, Jeff. You rock.

    I suppose we’ll soon be bidding you farewell as you go on to the greener and more lucrative field of advertising.

    Or at least they would do well to have you.

    Thanks for the ads,


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  11. Love the ads and the ideas they inspire! I’m ready to sign up…where do we download the app?

    And I agree with Diane–if we would ask students what they want and respond to their needs, we could be well on our way to this school of the future (which should be the present). Talking to teachers is important, but I think we are sometimes hampered by what we’ve always known. Students can really push us to think way beyond the proverbial box.

    I’ve heard Prensky say that he hopes we can be the schools of the 21st century before the end of the 21st century. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever get there…

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