Over the last year we’ve been fixing up the condo we purchased in Seattle. As we’ve been doing the remodel we find ourselves doing research on such things as kitchen faucets. Who knew there were 1000s of different faucets and not only are there 1000s of different faucets, we have access to all of them.

So on a Saturday morning my wife and I sit on the couch and start at opposite ends of the Internet and narrowing down the options.

In a world of endless resources how do you find the perfect resource? How do you find the perfect faucet?

You rely on others to help you out.

I’m not sure how many faucet reviews I read, how many rating systems I learned on different websites, but I do know without all those reviews, without people taking the time to write about their purchases our job of picking the perfect faucet would have easily doubled.

Are we teaching students to make choices in a world where choices are endless?

There’s a skill to all of this, and part of it is making a decision based on the best data you can find and have at your disposal. Are we teaching students to find and evaluate data? Are we teaching them to read reviews ranging from 5 stars to 1 stars and make a judgement call a product, or a piece of information?

I’ve watched people struggle with this world of endless choice and in the end I’ve watched people get so overwhelmed by all the information that they just pick one and hope for the best.

We need to be teaching our students how to evaluate not only information, but information about products and services as well and how to use that information to make an informed decision.

From time to time I share things about my personal life on the blog and this just so happens to be one of those times. The Thinking Chick and I just became home owners for the first time. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride, as we’ve been working on buying this place since the end of July. But last week it finally closed and for the first time in our lives we own a home!

It was a hard decision for us. We’ve been debt free for seven years (living overseas has been good to us) and it’s a great feeling knowing that you owe no money to anyone. But the timing was right and it made sense for us financially as an investment to buy a place that we can fix up and possibly rent out in the future.

We ended up buying a condo in downtown Seattle. We spend our summers traveling around the state of Washington and for the past 8 years have stayed with family and friends never having our own place. We both love Seattle and even after visiting over 30 countries we both feel it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

The condo is in pretty bad shape on the inside which is why you are only getting pictures of the views. 🙂 We’ve nicknamed it “The Hole” because of the shape that it is in. The interior will be easy to fix but these views…..you can’t fix that!

We’re excited and I’m hoping to set up a blog in the near future that will house the photos as we gut and redo the entire interior of the condo over the next year and a half (our goal anyway). We’re in no rush which is nice so we can save our money and fix it up right.

Oh, and most importantly I will now be spending my summers approximately a 25 minute walk from Safeco Field. Ah…..life is good!