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It’s been almost two weeks since my last post which has given me time to reflect and reload for the up and coming school year. My summer, as usual has been a busy one. I have not spent more than 4 nights in the same bed or same house since I got back to the states on June 27th. So is the summer of an International educator (who doesn’t own their own home) trying to see all the friends and family they can in a little over a month.

Don’t worry I’ve taken time out for myself as I go to my 4th Mariners game tonight. With views like this you can’t help but love spending time at the ball park.

I turned 30 earlier this week and for my birthday my loving wife bought me an iPod. I’ve been joking about it for the last year and even though I didn’t NEED one, it was a nice gift and appreciated. I have to say I enjoyed not owning one. It was one piece of hardware that when people came to me with problems I could honestly say “I don’t know anything about the iPod.” guess that excuse is over! My biggest issue at the moment is trying to figure out how to get my purchased music from msn.com to play on the iPod. If anyone know how without having to burn and rip from a CD I’d appreciate the heads up. What I’m most looking forward to is the ease of downloading podcasts and listening to them on my hour bus ride to and from work everyday. πŸ™‚

As far as turning 30 goes, it’s been a good birthday there is always that weird feeling, at least for me, when you leave one decade and begin another. I had it at 20 and again at 30. Not believing that you’re really that old, and then reflecting on what goals you have and haven’t accomplished. I set a goal for myself when I turned 21 to be in an administrative position by the time I was 30. So that gives me 362 more days to see if I meet that goal. Only time will tell.

Thanks to those of you who haven’t deleted me from your aggregator as I go through this quiet spell before school starts again. I’ll be back in Shanghai on Aug. 2 and report back to work on Aug. 9. So I’m sure the postings will become more frequent as I get back into the mind set of school, education, and helping teachers find ways of incorporating technology into the classroom.

Bring on the 30s!

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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


  1. The difference between your 20’s and 30’s is that you can do something stupid in your 20’s and people say “Oh well, he’s in his 20’s” and do that same thing in your thirties and people say “You know, he should know better.” Take it from an old man of 47.

    Happy Birthday. Dave

  2. happy birthday Jeff. I was born this last week too. (July24) I’m older than you, although I haven’t decided by how much yet. πŸ™‚ Anyway… congratulations on the big THREE OH. I think of 30 as being the real beginning of adulthood… in a good way. Enjoy and celebrate!


  3. Andrew Torris Reply

    An iPOD!!!! Whew… I was not looking forward to telling you that our 3 year old now has one now (nice little 1G nano)!

    Congrats on the birthday Jeff. Only 45 more years and people will think you are old enough to listen to around a campfire.

  4. I just turned 33 a couple months ago.
    For me, this one was bigger than 30, since when Christ was 33, he said,”It is finished”!
    Wow! I’m certainly not “finished”… Kind of like you were saying – it made me think about what I have and haven’t accomplished.

    Enjoy the iPod – I guarantee you’ll absolutely LOVE listening to podcasts during your commute!!!

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