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I hear it all too often from teachers, administrators, and school board members.

“Who’s training the parents?”

Well….we are!

It’s true that if we’re going to change the culture of what we expect schools to look like and be like we have to help parents understand the changing nature of education as well. Along with that, we have to help parents understand this generation. They are a great generation for sure, however as I tell parents….nobody has raised a fully online, fully connected, fully mobile generation before….lucky you!

This generation is different we look at them and their devices and we don’t get it. Why can’t they go outside and play like we use to do? Why are more and more of them not getting their driver’s license? Why don’t they go to a friends house instead of texting all the time?

These are just some of the questions and issues that usually come up in parent training sessions. They are all legitimate concerns and great questions to be asking.

As part of our work (Eduro that is) Kim Cofino and Chrissy Hellyer have put together a 6 course parenting certificate program for parents who want to learn and understand the connected digital lives of teens today. These courses are not about taking devices away, or answering the way to open-ended question “how much time should my child be on a device?”. No, these courses are about understanding this generation of connected teens and appreciating the world they are growing up in and trying to understand it and the pressures they are under within it just a little better.


Kim and Chrissy interviewed parents and teenagers for the course. Throughout the different courses, you get to hear parents and teens talk about how they are handling this new world of parenting. A world where you are having to parent in both a physical space and a digital space. The physical space is much easier as we can see kids actions, we can talk to them. However, their digital spaces are hidden, or not so hidden, and we need to be talking about and parenting those spaces as well.

Parents can take just one course if they would like or they could take all 6 and get a Parenting in a Digital Age Certificate from Eduro for completing all 6 courses. The classes come with a private Facebook group for parents to share their stories, talk about how they are handling things with their own children, or ask for help and advice. It’s a community to support each other as we help children today navigate a world that no other teenager before them has ever had to do. Their world is not what our world was when we were their age. This is a new landscape for both parents and teens.

The six courses are:


As Kim and Chrissy were creating the courses they also started to pull together resources and ideas for a book. They created a Top 5 Concerns for Digital Parents E-book that you can purchase on the Eduro website or get free when you purchase all six courses. It’s a great quick read that parents can take and use in helping to understand this generation just a little bit better.

We’re so excited to be launching these courses and e-book and with the holiday season upon us wanted to offer readers of The Thinking Stick and parents a discount for the courses. If you purchase a course between now and January 1st, 2017 you can save 15% off your purchase with the promotional code: TTSparents

We hope these courses help and please do give us feedback on them so we can continue to make the better and relevant to parents today.

I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.

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