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Push or Pull?

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While reading through some 5th grader blogs I came across this poem. Not sure if it’s an original or if they copied it from somewhere although a quick Google search didn’t bring up anything.

Anyway why is it when I read this I think education?

I can’t get my front door to open,

No matter how hard that I try.

It never budges when I push,

Please don’t ask me why.

Not only have I pushed

But I’ve pulled with all my might!

Why won’t this stupid door open?!

Why is it stuck so tight?!

I’ve tried to blast it open,

I conked it with a tree!

I dragged the door with a strong rope

But it wasn’t enough with just me!

I pulled so hard that the doorknob flew off,

And now it won’t stick back in.

I pushed so hard that the door broke a hinge

But the bad news will just begin!

I think I sprained an ankle,

And also broke an arm.

These injuries were done by someone deadly

The door did all the harm!

I think the door is broken,

I think the suspect is me.

The landlord’s going to break my bones,

For that I guarantee!

Maybe I locked the house,

And then forgot the key,

The landlord’s going to kick me out of town,

I should move to Tennessee!

Might I try to squeeze through the window?

And make the door release?

But someone might mistake me for a burglar,

And then call the police!

I’ll never be able to get home now,

You should feel some pity.

Maybe I’ll go into town

And request for the door-fixing committee!

I can’t get my front door to open,

I’ve tried and tried and tried.

Hey! What’s this label here?

‘Don’t PUSH nor PULL-just SLIDE’

From Blingading 5SH


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  1. It’s an original. By the way, I’m not sure about this, but am I the only person in 5th grade that has passed the mark of 300 visits?

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