Panel Forum: New Tools, New Schools: Starting the Conversation about Web 2.0

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My Screen during this session

[9:21:56 AM] Jeff Utecht added Brian Crosby to this chat
[9:22:11 AM] Jeff Utecht added Vinnie Vrotny to this chat
[9:22:27 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Let’s do it!
[9:22:48 AM] David Jakes says: This should  be very interesting
[9:23:15 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: and now we know why so many kids are being diagnosed with add
[9:23:31 AM] Jeff Utecht says: for sure
[9:24:01 AM] Jeff Utecht says: OK..I’m thinking that we have a great discussion here and then I’ll post it to the blog afterwards….everyone OK with that?
[9:24:12 AM] Brian Crosby says: OK
[9:24:11 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: no problems
[9:24:13 AM] David Jakes says: yep, thats a good idea
[9:24:21 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: interesting experiment
[9:24:37 AM] David Jakes says: sweet
[9:24:55 AM] Brian Crosby says: Does that mean all my comments have to sound meaningful?
[9:26:05 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: hope my battery holds out. I also am audio recording conversation with iriver. will see what the quality is later
[9:26:06 AM] Jeff Utecht says: No
[9:26:14 AM] Jeff Utecht says: cool
[9:26:32 AM] Jeff Utecht says: It’s just a conversation…raw and meaningful.
[9:27:22 AM] Jeff Utecht added Brian Grenier to this chat
[9:27:29 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: hey brian
[9:27:33 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Welcome Brian Grenier!
[9:27:42 AM] David Jakes says: Brian:  we are chatting and this is going to  be a blog post so keep it clean
[9:28:05 AM] Brian Crosby says: OH.. OK
[9:27:58 AM] Brian Grenier says: hey vinnie
[9:28:09 AM] Brian Grenier says: cool i’m in
[9:28:17 AM] Brian Grenier says: dang
[9:29:26 AM] Jeff Utecht says: http://www.danieldura.com/code/twittercamp Twittercamp a display after this in the blogger cafe if you are interested!
[9:29:46 AM] Brian Grenier says: That is one heck of a mic for a podcast
[9:30:04 AM] David Jakes says: How many, about 50%
[9:30:40 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Question to Dave’s answer: How many people are using 2.0 tools in the classroom?
[9:30:51 AM] David Jakes says: Will is up
[9:31:06 AM] Brian Crosby says: Good point Jeff
[9:31:09 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: conversation is happening now behind the scenes What they don’t know and understand. Real classroom 2.0 experience
[9:31:16 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Blogger for 6 years….I didn’t know blogs have been around that long.
[9:31:44 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: Would be cool if they would post a chat window on the screen so that the underlying conversations can be shown to those not connected
[9:31:50 AM] Brian Crosby says: Or have stus use and design as opposed to teachers just bookmarking.
[9:31:58 AM] David Jakes says: motivating as a result of audience, kids need models for connecting into new learning environments when they leave us
[9:32:01 AM] Brian Grenier says: “Ways the tools are used”…this is the key to success
[9:32:19 AM] David Jakes says: Challenges:  they are ya buts…
[9:32:23 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Good poiint!
[9:32:29 AM] Jeff Utecht says: I like that
[9:32:57 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Do you have your mute on? I hear the skype bleap as we type…cool! πŸ™‚
[9:33:07 AM] David Jakes says: I agree with that-dont do digitally what you have done on paper-we need new ways of doing things with these tools
[9:33:12 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: pedagogies as first step
[9:33:35 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Is it a new pedagogy or a transition of the old?
[9:33:48 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: mute off, but it would be interesting to find out if the presntors knew that this was going on in the background
[9:33:55 AM] David Jakes says: Will we be addressing new or old literacies?
[9:33:58 AM] Brian Grenier says: don’t do digitally what can be BEST accomplished on paper
[9:34:00 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Warlick’s up now
[9:34:00 AM] David Jakes says: Thats the first question?
[9:34:15 AM] David Jakes says: David up now talking about staff development
[9:34:19 AM] Brian Crosby says: new tools in old ways is why to many implementations fail
[9:34:26 AM] David Jakes says: absolutely
[9:34:34 AM] Brian Grenier says: kids are different
[9:34:37 AM] David Jakes says: The kids are different, we’re not
[9:34:40 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: we are being kids now
[9:34:48 AM] Brian Crosby says: Respecting kids
[9:34:54 AM] Brian Grenier says: RESPECT the audience
[9:35:03 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: are we respecting the presentors by spliting our attention?
[9:35:05 AM] Jeff Utecht says: I like that!
[9:35:24 AM] Brian Grenier says: what do we do when we go to workshops where we are not “respected”
[9:35:29 AM] David Jakes says: Staff development that happens casually, he’s talking about informal learning
[9:35:30 AM] Brian Grenier says: TUNE OUT
[9:35:44 AM] David Jakes says: why
[9:35:48 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Would you allow your students to do this in your classroo? Why or Why not? Is this learning?
[9:35:56 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: Low battery, yikes
[9:36:29 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: It can be learning, because we can question and challenge our thinking
[9:36:34 AM] David Jakes says: I’m being influenced by everyone’s views, modifying mine, some are being reinforced, so yes, that’s learning
[9:36:39 AM] Brian Grenier says: you cannot turn around at necc
[9:36:40 AM] David Jakes says: w
[9:36:44 AM] Brian Grenier says: literally
[9:36:46 AM] David Jakes says: Warlick discovers
[9:36:54 AM] Brian Crosby says: my recalctrant staff get wikis more than any other web 2.0 – might be a gateway
[9:36:55 AM] Brian Grenier says: but we can’t turn around in our classrooms either
[9:36:58 AM] David Jakes says: Twitter now into a wiki,
[9:37:08 AM] David Jakes says: Its called Twitter
[9:37:20 AM] David Jakes says: Its called TwitterCamp
[9:37:24 AM] Brian Crosby says: No Twinki
[9:37:28 AM] Jeff Utecht says: http://www.danieldura.com/code/twittercamp link to twittercamp
[9:37:33 AM] Brian Grenier says: aggreagator as lifelong learning engine
[9:37:49 AM] David Jakes says: Lynne Schumm is now on the stage
[9:38:02 AM] David Jakes says: Higher ed perspective from research and preservice teachers
[9:38:26 AM] Brian Grenier says: does tech improve student learning?
[9:38:26 AM] David Jakes says: Does it improve student learning, that’s the question.
[9:38:49 AM] Brian Crosby says: as a tool of learning – yes
[9:38:58 AM] David Jakes says: She is suggesting that this doesn’t make a difference, at least in test scores.  How do we measure, evaluate and document Web 2.o stuff relative to this.
[9:38:59 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Need strong evidence? As long as that evidence is based on future skills. NCLB doesn’t do that!
[9:39:10 AM] Brian Grenier says: you would need a control group
[9:39:28 AM] Brian Grenier says: meaning that you would need to withhold tech from a group of kids
[9:39:37 AM] David Jakes says: Have you even heard anyone speak of NCLB in this conference, I haven’t.
[9:39:42 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Great point Brian and which group would you want your kid in?
[9:39:48 AM] Brian Grenier says: exactly
[9:39:59 AM] David Jakes says: Brian is in the control group
[9:40:02 AM] Brian Grenier says: but if technology is a tool
[9:40:12 AM] David Jakes says: Preservice education is a joke
[9:40:21 AM] Brian Crosby says: amen
[9:40:35 AM] David Jakes says: They change less than k-12 education
[9:40:35 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: back up. Need wireless recharge of electric
[9:40:41 AM] Brian Grenier says: you teach as your taught
[9:41:26 AM] David Jakes says: what are some good strategies for math, science, we need the stories.  I’d rather focus on l
[9:41:35 AM] David Jakes says: Action reseach is sometimes an oxymoron.
[9:41:44 AM] Brian Grenier says: Once again a call for collaboration in our classrooms
[9:41:49 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Gwen’s up!
[9:41:58 AM] David Jakes says: Gwen Solomon is up now
[9:42:07 AM] David Jakes says: What constitutes an effective model?
[9:42:10 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: SRO in session
[9:42:35 AM] David Jakes says: Why do we need to publish a BOOK on models, thats what the blogosphere should be for
[9:42:44 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: viral marketing need to do viral staff dev
[9:42:59 AM] David Jakes says: I thought we needed new ways of doing things, not just doing the same things in new ways…
[9:43:01 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: that is the way to spread the wild fire
[9:43:19 AM] Brian Grenier says: perhaps the model lessons are out there, and the reason why we don’t see them is because part of the issue is a lack of understanding of how to amplify your stuff
[9:43:27 AM] David Jakes says: now doing a promotion for books, c’mon
[9:43:46 AM] David Jakes says: I agree
[9:43:50 AM] David Jakes says: But if you are doing
[9:43:53 AM] Brian Crosby says: Models that work – if we had many it might overcome other’s need for “research” to prove “it works”
[9:43:53 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: the other problem with lessons is ownership, which has not been addressed
[9:44:06 AM] David Jakes says: But if you are doing Web 2.0 dont you know how to amplify?
[9:44:17 AM] Brian Grenier says: not necessarily
[9:44:21 AM] Vinnie Vrotny says: but is hard to build truct and audience
[9:44:26 AM] Brian Grenier says: think about teachers new to this stuff
[9:44:32 AM] David Jakes says: Can’t get the microphone to work, c’mon
[9:44:46 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Tim Magner now speaking
[9:44:49 AM] David Jakes says: OK, so we need to publish some things on amplifying voice
[9:44:53 AM] Brian Grenier says: they are focused on learning and exploring the tool
[9:45:01 AM] Brian Grenier says: good idea
[9:45:30 AM] Brian Grenier says: none of us have a good idea of what school 2.0 looks like
[9:45:49 AM] Brian Crosby says: isn’t that sad!?
[9:45:51 AM] Jeff Utecht says: And we shouldn’t we’re still developing it
[9:46:03 AM] Brian Grenier says: good point jeff
[9:46:10 AM] Brian Crosby says: Good point
[9:46:18 AM] David Jakes says: What does an information-age school look like, rather than what does an Web 2.0 school look like
[9:46:24 AM] Jeff Utecht says: with the rate of change School 2.0 is ever evolving..there should be no hard “what’s it look like” it will look different everywhere, every year.
[9:46:27 AM] Brian Grenier says: i once heard that you cannot imagine something that you’ve never seen…..
[9:46:27 AM] Brian Crosby says: But we have parts we know work – beta
[9:47:12 AM] Brian Grenier says: shouldn’t school 2.0 be in perpetual beta?
[9:47:15 AM] David Jakes says: We need to fundamentally alter the ground rules of schools…but we can’t embrace everything at the danger of losing our core mission
[9:47:18 AM] David Jakes says: yes
[9:47:26 AM] Brian Crosby says: neverending beta school
[9:47:37 AM] David Jakes says: that’s the idea but that is absolutely opposite of what education is capable of
[9:47:49 AM] Brian Grenier says: Beta High home of the Bloggers!
[9:48:18 AM] David Jakes says: Mother Ship
[9:49:03 AM] Brian Grenier says: need for a bottom up push for change
[9:49:04 AM] David Jakes says: this isnt the federal govt’s vision…funny
[9:49:20 AM] David Jakes says: vision is to memorize and regurgitate
[9:49:36 AM] Brian Grenier says: please bubble A, B, C, or D
[9:49:39 AM] Jeff Utecht says: www.school2-0.org
[9:49:50 AM] Brian Grenier says: by the way, we want you to think outside the box
[9:49:52 AM] David Jakes says: the federal govt “vision” is a poster but how do you put a poster into action?
[9:50:21 AM] Brian Crosby says: plus it doesn’t jive with everything else they say it is
[9:50:31 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Someone blogged about perpetual Education once. https://www.thethinkingstick.com/?p=84 πŸ™‚
[9:50:43 AM] David Jakes says: What would a poster of NCLB and AYP look like?
[9:51:00 AM] Brian Grenier says: I thought it was Jeff that said that
[9:51:11 AM] Brian Crosby says: Climbing a hill of and
[9:51:14 AM] David Jakes says: Now its time for questions
[9:51:23 AM] David Jakes says: stop it g
[9:51:27 AM] David Jakes says: Stop it Gwen
[9:51:30 AM] Brian Grenier says: David is getting kudos so is Jeff
[9:51:50 AM] David Jakes says: how do you guys feel about this
[9:52:01 AM] Brian Grenier says: help me write a book?
[9:52:17 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Karen Henshaw from WA
[9:52:31 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Need a huge collaberative space for schools
[9:52:37 AM] Brian Grenier says: NING network?
[9:52:45 AM] Brian Grenier says: possible solution?
[9:52:47 AM] David Jakes says: Who wants to start?
[9:52:54 AM] David Jakes says: One spot, one area
[9:52:57 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Ning could be the thing
[9:53:04 AM] David Jakes says: yep
[9:53:07 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Teacher from NJ
[9:53:11 AM] Brian Grenier says: Doug Nore??
[9:53:17 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Beginning with PD
[9:53:27 AM] David Jakes says: Everybody wants to know how to start
[9:54:10 AM] Brian Grenier says: I had the same question in the SIGMS session…”where to start”
[9:54:29 AM] Brian Crosby says: Then if it works make sure everyone knows about it over and over
[9:54:49 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Tighter control is that is possible in this 21st century?
[9:55:06 AM] Brian Grenier says: Hey Jakes…I’m in the back
[9:55:34 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Jakes ask can we use these 2.0 tools in PD to teach web 2.0
[9:55:50 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Richardson…we have to become part of the social netowrk…kids are learning networks.
[9:56:02 AM] Jeff Utecht says: We should unmute so people can hear us. LOL
[9:56:08 AM] David Jakes says: The networking piece is key
[9:56:23 AM] Brian Grenier says: I encourage teachers NOT to use the tools, especially blogs, as an educational tool at first
[9:56:29 AM] Brian Grenier says: blog about quilting
[9:56:32 AM] Brian Grenier says: or food
[9:56:35 AM] Brian Grenier says: or sports
[9:56:35 AM] David Jakes says: we have to do it as educators ourselves first, citing edublogger con as an example
[9:56:45 AM] Brian Grenier says: whatever we can use to hook you
[9:57:15 AM] David Jakes says: Tim:  tremendous amount of informal learning that goes on with technology
[9:57:27 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Good point…with students I start with tech…they love this stuff and it’s a hook
[9:57:38 AM] Brian Grenier says: how did you learn to blog?
[9:57:45 AM] Jeff Utecht says: How many schools have a virtual social network?
[9:57:54 AM] David Jakes says: got a blogger account and started typing
[9:57:53 AM] Brian Grenier says: could be a great topic to write about
[9:58:17 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Installed WordPress and just started writing. www.wordpress.org
[9:58:19 AM] David Jakes says: do these tools set the grounds for a different pedagogical conversation?
[9:58:27 AM] Brian Grenier says: perhaps with these new tools informal learning is more effective than formal PD sessions
[9:58:31 AM] Brian Crosby says: can’t get comfortable until you use it
[9:58:31 AM] Jeff Utecht says: There is Brian…authentic experiences…spot on!
[9:58:44 AM] David Jakes says: tim is now talking about a
[9:59:12 AM] David Jakes says: VCR, or they had the kids do it for them?
[9:59:17 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Ozzie now speaking
[9:59:24 AM] Brian Grenier says: Garrick Brown?
[9:59:35 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Nothing will be blocked
[9:59:47 AM] Brian Grenier says: is this REALLY a good idea?
:49 AM] Jeff Utecht says: That’s us in China as well
[9:59:50 AM] Brian Grenier says: NOTHING
[9:59:52 AM] David Jakes says: Nothing will be blocked, he doesn’t teach in the US
[10:00:22 AM] David Jakes says: DOPA, CIPA, NCIPA, ESPN…
[10:00:33 AM] Brian Grenier says: this is a GREAT conversation taking place in this room
[10:00:58 AM] David Jakes says: A catholic system that unblocks everything!  THAT ROCKS
[10:00:59 AM] Brian Grenier says: we need to set up a wiki real quick for people to continue from here
[10:01:12 AM] David Jakes says: Google
[10:01:15 AM] David Jakes says: Google
[10:01:27 AM] David Jakes says: Google Doc would be better for muliple authors
[10:01:53 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Guy from TX
[10:01:53 AM] Brian Grenier says: EL PASO
[10:01:58 AM] David Jakes says: Dave Romatka
[10:02:01 AM] Brian Grenier says: David Romaka
[10:02:08 AM] Brian Grenier says: this guy is SHARP
[10:02:08 AM] David Jakes says: I was close
[10:02:25 AM] Brian Grenier says: he does outstanding stuff with his kids
[10:02:41 AM] Brian Grenier says: utilize your student
[10:02:42 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Put the students in control
[10:02:52 AM] David Jakes says: now there is an idea, student empowerment
[10:02:54 AM] Jeff Utecht says: “They have been playing with computers since they were 5 years old”
[10:02:58 AM] Brian Crosby says:  Only if you have kids that have access
[10:03:16 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Univ. of Washington student..cool
[10:03:23 AM] David Jakes says: Freshman from the University of Washington is now talking, he’s been a student for his entire life
[10:03:33 AM] Brian Crosby says: So have I
[10:03:57 AM] David Jakes says: Social networks out there Scriptovia.com
[10:03:58 AM] Brian Grenier says: I am getting Romaka’s students’ website
[10:03:58 AM] Jeff Utecht says: scriptscriptovia.com
[10:04:13 AM] David Jakes says: social network dedicated to learning, not just a social site
[10:04:14 AM] Jeff Utecht says: www.scriptovia.com
[10:04:58 AM] David Jakes says: dont turn this kid loose on a stage
[10:05:10 AM] Brian Crosby says: wow stus working on making it work – what a concept
[10:05:18 AM] Brian Grenier says: is he a vendor?
[10:05:36 AM] David Jakes says: no, he’s an 18 year old with passion
[10:05:43 AM] Brian Grenier says: cool
[10:05:49 AM] David Jakes says: is this site live
[10:05:57 AM] Brian Grenier says: Now a retired guy is speaking
[10:06:04 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Are some of the best concepts going to come from Univ students like this? People that have grown up with it..get it…and know what students are feeling.
[10:06:18 AM] David Jakes says: yes, it is, but the system sqaushes this
[10:06:22 AM] David Jakes says: see, spirit killers
[10:06:23 AM] Brian Grenier says: Schools as spirit killers
[10:06:26 AM] Brian Grenier says: wow
[10:06:41 AM] Brian Crosby says: I just pulled up the site
[10:06:45 AM] David Jakes says: absolutely, walk down the hallways and you can see it
[10:06:58 AM] Jeff Utecht says: expensive???? Skype, Twitter, Moodle, Google, Zoho, Blogger, wikispaces
[10:07:00 AM] David Jakes says: this process that we are doing is very cool and interesting
[10:07:15 AM] Brian Crosby says: From the site:
Scriptovia.com is an online community for students to collaborate and receive feedback on their academic work. This includes essays, notes, lab reports, presentations,
and everything else students create to advance their knowledge.
[10:07:17 AM] David Jakes says: He’s retired, teacher 0.3
[10:07:50 AM] Jeff Utecht says: John Pederson now talking
[10:08:09 AM] David Jakes says: John didnt know that VCRS were difficult
[10:08:33 AM] Jeff Utecht says: John’s blog add it if you don’t have it http://pedersondesigns.com/
[10:08:38 AM] Brian Grenier says: need for patience
[10:08:43 AM] David Jakes says: kid with the Web site is Aseem Badshah, email is aseem@scriptovia.com
[10:08:53 AM] Brian Grenier says: do we expect change to happen to quickly????
[10:08:54 AM] David Jakes says: Parent guy is up now
[10:09:03 AM] David Jakes says: do we have a choice?
[10:09:55 AM] David Jakes says: What is the role of the panel right now?
[10:10:05 AM] Brian Grenier says: are we opening our PD opportunities to parents and teachers alike?  sisde-by-side?
[10:10:12 AM] David Jakes says: thats a nice idea
[10:11:03 AM] Jeff Utecht says: We are running monthly parent trainings this year
[10:11:36 AM] David Jakes says: We have to start with the pre-service teachers?
[10:11:46 AM] David Jakes says: No, we have to start with everyone!
[10:12:01 AM] Brian Grenier says: website of David Romaka’s  El Paso students — http://ccte.episd.org
[10:12:03 AM] David Jakes says: So what–what do they know about learning?
[10:12:18 AM] David Jakes says: What do they now about teaching-know that first, tools are easy
[10:12:40 AM] Jeff Utecht says: They don’t know the tools…or they don’t know how to use them for education…they’ve had no need to use them…but they have facebook, myspace, and use technology…we need to help pre-service teachers learn how to use these tools for education.
[10:12:55 AM] Brian Grenier says: PD guy speaking
[10:12:58 AM] David Jakes says: I’m surprised at the focus on tools, but I guess that is a starting point
[10:13:25 AM] Brian Crosby says: our local university is terrible about having stus use tech – 10 years ago the talk was about requiring laptops and still many don’t use beyond Word/Powerpoint
[10:13:56 AM] David Jakes says: the universities in our schools have masters degrees in instructional technology and they are an absolute joke.
[10:14:29 AM] Brian Grenier says: I have heard more talk about libraries and librarians at this year’s NECC than expected….why then is it that libraries, at least in my experience, don’t model what this conversation is about
[10:14:34 AM] David Jakes says: Most of my friends who have enrolled in these could teach the classes
[10:15:02 AM] Brian Crosby says: student teachers are required to use tech in every lesson – but if they use an overhead projector or calculator it counts – ugg
[10:15:10 AM] David Jakes says: interesting point Brian, many more librarians than normal, maybe because they realize their world, as they typically see it, is over…
[10:15:29 AM] David Jakes says: need to reinvent…again..
[10:16:12 AM] David Jakes says: Will we self-organized into our own schools?
[10:16:17 AM] Brian Grenier says: perpetual entreprenuer-educators (did I hear that right?)
[10:16:29 AM] David Jakes says: We’ve already done this with the edublogosphere…
[10:16:43 AM] Brian Crosby says: Maybe currnt students will have to grow up to run universities before they change
[10:16:59 AM] Jeff Utecht says: But you have to be willing to fail! That is what building something new takes.
[10:17:20 AM] David Jakes says: We also need to rethink our mentoring programs, pair up a new teacher with a 25 year veteran and you can guess what happens-its a self perpetuating system
[10:17:26 AM] Brian Grenier says: 19 minutes left on my battery. YIKES
[10:17:43 AM] Brian Crosby says: and learn to deal with failure – not something to fear
[10:17:46 AM] David Jakes says: 3.11 hours on mine-dude, get a travel battery
[10:18:26 AM] David Jakes says: plug by the big pillar to the left of the screen,
[10:18:44 AM] David Jakes says: Warlick is leaving!!!!
[10:18:48 AM] Brian Grenier says: Warlick has left the building
[10:18:48 AM] David Jakes says: what’s up with that
[10:19:03 AM] David Jakes says: does he have another presentation?
[10:19:05 AM] Brian Crosby says: He has a preso at 2
[10:19:23 AM] Brian Grenier says: he did 2 hours earlier at SIGMS
[10:19:27 AM] Jeff Utecht says: 10 mins of battery left πŸ™
[10:19:39 AM] Dav
id Jakes says: but hes a monster, he can go all day
[10:20:11 AM] David Jakes says: when does this end?
[10:20:33 AM] David Jakes says: tools cannot force change!!!!!
[10:20:36 AM] Brian Grenier says: web 2.0 tools will force a change?
[10:21:01 AM] Brian Grenier says: New styles of learning will force the change
[10:21:34 AM] Brian Grenier says: kids learn different…the tools fit nicely into that…but the change will not be cause because of the tools
[10:22:03 AM] David Jakes says: What will force the change, student and parent unrest
[10:22:26 AM] David Jakes says: it will get worse before it gets better
[10:22:35 AM] Brian Grenier says: true, though student unrest moreso
[10:22:57 AM] Brian Crosby says: together with working examples that make others want to be part
[10:23:09 AM] David Jakes says: wow
[10:24:00 AM] Brian Grenier says: we need to be advertising  to a larger audience best practices to our teachers that “don’t get it”
[10:24:35 AM] Brian Crosby says: Yes, what’s the best way or ways?
[10:24:46 AM] Brian Grenier says: that often means that we need to go low tech
[10:24:50 AM] Brian Grenier says: word of mouth
[10:24:59 AM] Brian Grenier says: letters in mailboxes
[10:25:02 AM] Brian Grenier says: email
[10:25:40 AM] Brian Grenier says: maybe we try to highlight best examples ineffectively to those teachers we are trying to pull up
[10:27:34 AM] Brian Grenier says: This was cool
[10:28:02 AM] Brian Crosby says: Should be broadcast


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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


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  2. Dizzying to read along. But in a wonderful Alice in Wonderland sort of way. Love that multiple sessions were happening for each Skyper. Thanks for passing it along. Esp. for those of us who couldn’t make it to Atlanta.

    Cheers, Christian

  3. Wow! That was a real treat to read. Thank you for posting your backchannel conversation. Would we let kids do this during class? Too many would be afraid of the loss of control. What are the kids talking about? Are they on task? Exciting, scary, disruptive stuff going on here.

    Did the presenters ever know about this chat? I suppose they probably do now; I wonder what their thoughts might be.

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