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Off to explore Western China-Kashgar

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We celebrated the Moon Festival earlier this week, and next week we get 3 days off of school for Chinese National Day (Think Independence day in your country). It’s been a heck of a start to the school year, with little time to blog, do deep thinking and reflecting or get the stuff done I want to and on time.

But next week…my wife and I leave the stress of this fast pace busy city for a little Chinese culture. Wes, Sheryl, and Will have all written how Shanghai is in my words intense. It sucks you into its face pace, never sleep, never stop working word and spits you out in June a mangled over worked mess.

We’re headed to Kashgar.About as far west China as you can get and as far from fast pace big city as you can get in China. Kashgar has a population of about 300,000 people which is about as small as a city comes in China.

We’re headed to Kashgar to both get away and to buy carpets. This region of China is known for their carpet making skills. History says that the Uygur (people of this area) are of Persian decent and I’m sure that is where their long history of carpet making comes from.

My wife and I started buying carpets while we lived in Saudi and we really want one made in China, but they are just way to expensive here in Shanghai…so an e-mail to the travel agent and we’re off to Kashgar!

Kashgar is also a very Muslim area which we are both looking forward too. We miss the Middle East, the people, the culture, and are looking forward to the experience once again.

We hired a guide for the trip (we don’t do this often) his name is Ali and he’s outlined for us three great days of sightseeing and carpet buying.

Sunday we’ll be spending all day at the largest bazaar in China this is carpet buying day!

Monday we will be heading out of town to a beautiful lake. Can’t wait to see nature and not cement. Kashgar’s elevation is over 4,000 feet so maybe snow already?

Tuesday we’ll head inland to the end of the desert and if we want ride a camel (which my wife has already done…long story but about got us kicked out of Saudi!). We’ll be mixing with the locals, and enjoying being disconnected for 5 days. I’m not bringing a computer, I’m not even looking for a Internet cafe. The world can live without me being connected for 5 days.

Happy National Day to all and we’ll see ya on the network next week!

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  1. Can you please let me know if you were successful in get a carpet in Kashgar. WE off in a few weeks time and have no idea what a good quality Silk on SIlk carpet will cost. Any tips will be greatfully received.



    • Jeff Utecht Reply

      Yes….actually we ended up buying seven carpets and love them all. Not a lot of silk on silk but some great wool carpets for sure.

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