New theme and other accomplishments

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I’ve had a couple really good days of working lately. Getting excited for school to start and the more I work on the computer and learn new things, the more excited and more ideas I get for my classes this year.

First off you’ll notice a new theme in place. Created by Ben at Binary Moon the theme Regulus caught my eye and I started playing with it. A good solid theme that with the sidebar widget for WordPress makes it easy to customize. I’ve also hacked up the theme a little bit and got rid of categories and just use tags now through Ultimate Tag Warrior 3. Personally I find it easier to put tags right into the postings rather than having to use a category I already have or having to actually log into WordPress to create one. This way I can tag and organize my postings on the fly. I also created a new header image. The view is off my balcony of downtown Shanghai, a view I will never grow old of, and of course I put a new building on the skyline. The Thinking Stick stands proud among the tallest buildings. 🙂

Still working a couple of the bugs out, but I think I’m getting smarter and redoing my theme before school starts instead of in the middle of the school year when everything else is hectic. If you see any problems with the site please let me know. I’ve looked at it for so long now that I’m probably missing something and just don’t see it.

Other accomplishments these past two days have been getting Moodle to actually install on the school site. I put about 20 hours in this summer trying to figure out why it wouldn’t install. I finally gave up and asked the support people at my hosting company for help. Come to find out Moodle was hitting the memory limit of the server about half way through install and shutting down. Within 10 minutes they had it fixed and the site is working well. Now to see if I can get Moodle 1.6 installed and running and create a theme…all before next week. 😐

I went into school yesterday and found out that my elective “Media 2.0” is full with 18 students and has a waiting list for 2nd Semester. I’m excited and surprised even though I know I shouldn’t be. A class that allows students to play with the media and social applications that they know and love would attack a lot of teenagers. It’s even a evenly split class of boys vs. girls. Which is exciting as well. Our first assignment will be to create a virtual tour of our school. I figured that would be a good way to learn how to shoot and edit video, and with a new 3 story building on campus a great resource for the community.

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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


  1. I’m glad to hear that your media course is still on. I’ve been thinking of this course over the summer and I am really interested in hearing about its progression. I hope you will keep us informed.

  2. This is a little random, but I was checking out your blog and noticed you use UTW. I’ve written a mod for 3.14 that does an autosuggest based on the tags in your database (instead of yahoo or tagyu). If you’re interested, drop me a line…


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