My last 10 days

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I know it’s been quiet here lately. But I’ll let the pictures tell you what I’ve been up to lately.

That’s my wife in the cage with a 4 meter Great White saying Hello.

This is our friend Mr. Humpback putting on a show for us. Swam within 3 meters of him and had fun for 5 days watching them play in the water.

And we swam for 5 days with 1000s of dolphins waiting for the Sardines to show up. My wife actually touched one and these guys hung around me for awhile.

So that’s it for South Africa. I recommend this country to anyone. It is truly an amazing place.

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  1. Your wife in the cage looking down the throat of a great white shark? I have an irrational fear of great whites which stem from Jaws coming out while I was in my teens!

    I don’t think my husband would hear the end of it if he put me in such a situation but I guess she made it out alright! I love the dolphin and whale photo though!

    I think that spending time like this makes you a stronger educator and better person when you return to daily life!

  2. wow! that is a very cool vacation. It’s exactly what I wish I was doing right now… It looks just incredible! Is there a particular company or outfit that you recommend?

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