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Back at it again. Yesterday was the kids first day at school and even thought it was a short week for them, it seemed long to the rest of us. The last couple of days before kids show up is always a tug of war between meetings and class prep time. But some how, some way, we always find a way to be ready when they come walking through the door.

So here I am with my first 25% PD of the 06-07 school year. If you are wondering where this comes from you can read my first post here. I didn’t keep track this week but I’m probably close to 300 minutes of PD our of the 525 I need to make 25%. Not bad, but I’ll do better!

At the techlearning blog there has been a good debate on Flickr and the use in schools.


In two weeks my 7th graders will be making a digital story on some aspect of the history of computers or the Internet which makes David Jakes Photostory 3 Screencast Tutorials a must!

David Warlick posted about Karl Fisch’s presentation Did you Know. (Which I was able to get to now that blogger is unblocked here! YEAH) A must have for anyone giving PD at the beginning of the year. A powerful way to get people thinking. Thanks for sharing Karl!

On the bus this morning I listened to David Warlick’s Connect Learning podcast #69 The conversation part at the beginning was so good that I got to school and promptly e-mailed it to my admin.

Steve at Teach42 has a great entry on cheating that every teacher should read.

Placed around with Elgg.net for awhile. It Moodle and Elgg get together…I want it!

And my favorite this week comes from Alicia via Bud the Teacher:

I was smiling walking into the building thinking about the minds that I
would get to meet and mold and form. I looked over the balcony, down at
the kids, thinking that those were the students I would get to know
over the next nine months. Months from now I will look down and know
who they were, but for a few moments they were just a mass of khakis
and polos, tucked in. They looked sharp. They were potential.

This is why we teach, why we come to work everyday, and why we love what we do. There is potential in our students. It’s our job to find it, make the most of it, and teach them how to use it.

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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


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  2. Hey, Jeff. I remembered your old 25% PD posts and a search turned this up. As I recall it, the philosophy is that a professional should spend 25% of worktime on PD, but that teachers of course don’t get that, so you take it upon yourself to read and write blogs to make up the difference. Is that right? I’m wondering where you got your statistic. It’s something I “cite” from time to time and I’d love to include a source in a future workshop on taking control of you own PD. Can you point me in the right direction?

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