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I came into work today and started unpacking as usual as my colleague Dennis Harter started unpacking for the day as well. He was complaining about a headache he had this morning and we started brainstorming what it could be from.

We ended up talking about water and how neither of us feels like we’re drink enough water through the day. There is a water cooler less then 10 meters from our desk and both of us have multiple water bottles as our disposal. So if we have access to both a water container and the actual water why are we not drinking enough?

As we started discussing it came down to time. If the water is sitting here in front of me I could and would easily drink 2 liters a day. The problem is it isn’t. As crazy as it seems the time it takes to walk the 10 meters to the water cooler fill my water bottle and come back might take a whole minute but just isn’t a priority in my day.

Dennis and I had a good laugh about how a little thing like drinking water can become a huge thing because it isn’t a priority for us….we don’t make the time to actually do it!

So Dennis and I are teaming up to make it a priority. We’ll fill each others water bottles and continue to think about drinking more water…we’ll make time to walk to the cooler.

The more I thought about our discussion this morning the more it got me thinking about time and how making time can be done by it a priority. I wrote earlier in the year about giving yourself permission to reflect. About making time and making reflection a priority. What we make a priority gets done and taking the time to blog, or write, or think or read is how we learn. We know it’s good for kids…we know it’s good for us…we just need to make the time to actually do it.

I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


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  2. The best part is that you won’t have to think about making going to the restroom a priority b/c your body will force it and you can then refill on the way 🙂 It’s a Win-Win 🙂

  3. We talk about not drinking enough water in HK too. I have prep with two teachers that definitely don’t drink enough water. I’ll start following your example.

    I hope that you are you using reusable water containers.

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