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Learning 2.008 is about YOU

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Learning 2.008 Shanghai Conference

It’s about the learner!

This conference is about allowing you the learner to take control of your own learning, to create opportunities for yourself to learn. We have done nothing more than to solicit the help of professional learners to help you in your own learning journey.

We talk about teaching students to learn how to learn. Next weekend….you get to learn how to learn. This conference is not designed for you to sit and listen to sessions for two days. This conference is designed to peek your interest with 45 minute presentations and then allow you to go explore, to grab a friend, a professional….a learner and learn together, create something new, or just chat about your classroom.

We (the conference organizers) know that the best conversations during a conference happen in the hallways, by the pool, or outside the conference all together. We have made the hallways our conference, we have provided you with breakfast, lunch and unlimited drinks (thank you Coca-Cola) and have created spaces that allow you to learn and carry-on conversations where you feel most comfortable. There is no pressure to go to sessions if you are having an in-depth discussion that is a learning experience. In fact you don’t have to go to a session at all. This is about you taking control of your learning. You decide how to spend your time, where to spend your time, and we’ll do our best to make sure you have the time you need to go as deep as you want with your own understanding of this new world we are now learning in.

If you are expecting to sit and get, for everything to be black and white….this conference is not for you.

If you find yourself wanting more, wanting time to sit and talk, or sit and play with a digital tool for hours….this conference is for you.

Bring that digital camera you have been wanting to learn how to use, bring that laptop that you know can do so much more. Bring a website you want to learn how to use, or bring a thought you would like to explore. We have done nothing more than create an atmosphere for learning.

Thursday night we will start with our inspirational speeches. Taken from the TED format our invited learners will have 10 minutes to inspire you, to push you, to help you start to think about a different type of learning, a different type of conference.

We are excited to bring you Learning 2.008. A conference like no other!

I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.

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  1. Can’t wait Jeff. I’m anxious about coming to Shanghai by myself, but excited that I will be immersed with educators I have read, listened to and tweeted with over the last eight months. The set up sounds just right – a true learning environment. Hoping to come away with so much to share with my staff on my return.

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