LAN Party coming together

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I sent out an e-mail today inviting 17 people who said they were interested in joining me for the conversation. I’ve copied and pasted the e-mail below for others to use and get ideas from.

Be a part of something

The first every K12online
Shanghai LAN party
As some point in the last month you all have said
you would be interesting in joining me for the first every K12online conference
and the first ever Shanghai K12online LAN party. (If
you know of others who would be interested please
This little brain child of mine has been getting
some attention and has been mentioned
here, here, and here. Last night I had a great conversation with
Sheryl who is the lead person for the conference.
She loves our idea and wants to make sure that what we do here is highlighted
within the conference.
So some background if you are not familiar with the
format. There are 4 strands spanning 2 weeks.
Week 1 Oct
A week in the classroom (1 keynote 10
Basic Advance Training (1 keynote 10
Week 2 Oct
Personal Professional Development (1 keynote 10
Overcoming Obstacles (1 keynote 10
So here is what I’m thinking. We would have two 3
hour sessions each week. Each session would focus on one strand. A session would
look like this.
45 minutes: Together everyone listens to the Keynote and we
discuss. (recording our conversation for a podcast)
90 minutes: We have breakout sessions. Where everyone would
watch/listen/do the “sessions” they wanted to. You will not have time to do all
10 and try new stuff. So everyone can pick one or two and really get into some
programs, discussions or heavy thinking.
We come back together and we all discuss what we have learned,
what we tried and what we’re thinking. (recording our conversation for a
That’s it!
Once we’re done I will take the podcast we create
around our discussions and send it the Sheryl. She will load it onto the
k12onlineconference blog for everyone to listen too. Essentially becoming a part
of the conference and conference history.
Time and
This is the hard part. Please, Please, Please do not feel obligated to come to all
of the sessions. Any or all of them is fine with me (Except
for Daneah she has to be there!)
So that being said here are two options
that I have come up with for the LAN parties. Please choose which option best suits your needs and reply by
Thursday Oct.11 at 3:00.
Option 1
For those that
treasure their weekends:
Oct. 24 5:00-8:00 ~A week in the classroom  (Pizza
Oct. 26 5:00-8:00 ~Basic Advance Training   
(Chinese night)
Oct. 31 5:00-8:00 ~Personal Professional
Development (Thai night)
Nov. 2 5:00-8:00 ~Overcoming Obstacles (Finger
Option 2
For those that treasure their
Oct. 24 5:00-8:00 ~A week in the classroom  (Finger
Oct. 28 9:00am-12:00pm ~Basic Advance Training   
(Brunch potluck)
Oct. 31 5:00-8:00 ~Personal Professional
Development (Chinese night)
Nov. 4 9:00am-12:00pm ~Overcoming Obstacles (Brunch
Jeff cooks…this could be scary)
Food and Drinks:
It would be great to know in advance who will be
coming to each session (we’ll figure this out later) so I know how much food to
order. We will have Beer, Wine, Soda, Water, and a liquor cabinet full of good
stuff. 😉 For each session you attend there will be a “Food/Drink Fee” not sure
how much, we’ll see what the bill is and divide by the number that shows up.
I think my house is as centrally located in
Shanghai as we’re going to get. So this will take place at my house. This also
allows us to listen to the keynotes on my stereo system just like you are in a
large conference hall 🙂. I
will provide you with directions in Chinese soon. I will also do my best to have
all the keynotes and sessions available on my external hard drive in case the
Internet decides not to work. You will be able to plug into the external,
download the sessions you want, and then work on your own.
What you need:
You will need to bring your own laptop with AC
adapter and earphones. The laptop must be wireless and I would hope less then 2
years old as that makes it easy. If it isn’t, we’ll give it a try anyway or
contact me and I’ll check one out here for you. (Mac users you are on your own.
I will take down the sign in my office that says NO MACS ALLOWED for this
special occasion🙂 ) Don’t forget
your ear phones, 10 people listening to 10 different things could be
OK, I think that’s it…hope I
didn’t scare anyone away with this long e-mail. Just trying to think this
through. I’m preparing 3 sessions for the conference on: Using RSS feeds,
Social-Bookmarking, and Flickr. So I’m busy preparing as we speak. Thank you and
hope to hear from you soon!


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