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Knowing Knowledge Highlights 56-64

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From George Siemens’ Knowing Knowledge:

Tools of individuality serve a greater good to society than tools of purely collective traits.pg 56

When we experience knowledge in application, we leave theoretical understanding of knowledge. pg. 56

Our desires and logic are shaped in an orchestra of context: acting and reacting, negotiating and dialoguing. pg. 61

We value what is different more than what is known…it pulls on logic towards not-logic directions. pg. 63

We are contextually holistic. pg. 63

We connect more than we construct. pg 63

The oppressed in the digital divide:

  1. Those without access to tools of global conversations.
  2. Those without skills to contribute to global conversations.

pg. 64

I like Siemens definition here at the end of oppressed. What does it mean to be oppressed in a digital world. Those without access and without the skills to contribute to a global conversation are at a disadvantage. As we become a global nation to ability to hold global conversations will be what separates the developing work from the developed world. China, India, and the UAE I think are three great example. Three countries that are working hard to become part of the “Globally Developed” world. Because of their access to tools and conversations these three developing 20th century countries are among the leading developed countries in the 21st Century.

Siemens, G (2006). Knowing Knowledge. Lulu.com.

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