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I'm ready for NECC are you?

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So I’ve been in Second Life now on and off for a couple days. I decided to get in here just in case the edublogger meet up decides to have a virtual meet here while at NECC.

But I have to tell you…this is quiet incredible. I visited Will Richardson’s home today. I couldn’t find the door so I had to teleport out to another location. I spent about an hour walking around the island looking at real estate trying to figure out how to tell my wife I think it’s time for us to buy a house. 🙂

Will points to Kevin Jarrett which was a blog I added write away to my netvibes page. The latest video is awesome. I know there is power in here. I showed it to my 7th graders the other day and they wanted to create avatars right there in class. Motivation, engagement, being able to sleep while your avatar learns…of course it appeals to middle schoolers.

Also stopped by sloodle. I saw and ad for it in SL and then followed a link from Kevin’s blog. Need to do some more investigation here but just a quick glance of what sloodle can do and is doing in SL makes it very appealing as a learning environment.

I need to spend more time in here just figuring out stuff. Today I flew for the first time, teleported for the first time and haven’t been anywhere outside of the ISTE campus and Eduisland II. I’m finding it pretty easy to learn, although but still figuring out what everything does. I was having a conversation with a guy who spoke Portuguese and accidentally clicked something and got teleported back to ISTE. Now there is being rude and not listening to someone when they are talking, and then there’s just disappearing all together (sorry man!).

OK…just had to write…going back in for more learning.

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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.

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