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How do you embed video on a drupal site?

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Looking for a little help. We’re trying to embed YouTube videos on teentek.com. Anyone know how to do this?  Thought is was as easy as copy and pasting the code, but that doesn’t seem to be working. The best part is the students just keep saying:

“It works that way on xanga.com, you just Ctrl C, Ctrl V the code and it works.”

I’ve looked all over the web it looks like it should just work. The administrator downloaded a video module and installed it, but there aren’t any setting that he can find that explains how to use it.

Any help appreciated!


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  1. To use the video module once installed the settings are..

    to add a video use
    create content,
    don’t forget to set permission if you want regular users to access and use them administer/access control

    hope that helps, if you need more detailed help we have a tutorial on setting Drupal up as a digg like site that goes into setting up modules and module permissions here
    Venture Skills team

  2. Not being familiar with Drupal my only suggestion might be to turn off any WYSIWYG editors. That’s what I had to do in WordPress

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