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Help Me Grow a Beard

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One of the teachers here at my school started a Movember group. Movember for those of you don’t know is where men grow beards or moustaches in support for men’s health and specifically prostate cancer. 

This year, if for no other reason to hear my wife say “Seriously…..you’re seriously going to grow that?” I’m supporting the cause by seeing just how bushy this face of mine can get…..and she can’t complain if I’m doing it for a good cause. 🙂

My Challenge to you:

My challenge to you….the readers of this blog and my network is to help me keep this facial hair as long as possible. For ever $100 I raise I’ll keep my beard for a week. I’ve donated $100 for the first week and now it’s your turn!

Now….there are about 400 daily readers to this blog which means if each person donates just $1. I meet my own goal of raising $500. Now if people tweet this, share it on Google+ and Facebook. I might have a permanent beard. 🙂

So help me raise money for a good cause, grow a beard, and make my wife roll her eyes all in one small donation. 



Help me keep my beard!

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