Google Calendar sync with Palm

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I’ve been looking for a way to have a online calendar that I can share with teachers to let them know where I am and some how be able to keep it in sync with my Palm Calendar and my T5. So I got thinking last night and thought Google calendars seems to be getting good reviews so I did a little serve and there you go. CompanionLink Software, Inc. as created a sync program that will sync your Palm with your Google calendar.

Synchronize Google Calendar with all the latest Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Palm, and BlackBerry devices in addition to Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, and GroupWise applications.

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CompanionLink for Google Calendar is the perfect solution for you if:

  • you need access to Google Calendar appointments from your mobile device or desktop calendar program
  • you want to make changes to your calendar from a desktop calendar program like Outlook
  • you don’t want to re-enter and maintain information in two different calendars but would like access to your calendars from multiple sources
  • you want to modify Google Calendar appointments when you don’t have access to a computer or an internet connection
  • you plan on buying a new mobile device and want to be sure it syncs with Google Calendar (we work with all the latest devices!)

Synchronize the following information types:

  • Appointments
  • Recurring reminders
  • Notes

Other Benefits:

  • Fastest sync solution available for Google Calendar
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • FREE software updates that guarantee compatibility with all the latest technology
  • FREE, live technical support for as long as you own the product

Handheld Compatibility:

  • All Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 5 handhelds
  • All Palm handhelds, including the Abacus Wrist PDA and Palm Life Drive
  • All BlackBerry handhelds

Desktop Calendar Compatibility:

  • Outlook versions 97 and higher
  • Lotus Notes versions 4.6 and higher
  • Palm Desktop versions 2 and higher
  • Novell GroupWise versions 6.5 and higher

There you have it! A couple of issues I’m running into at the moment. Everytime I sync my Palm Desktop (PD) with Google I get double things showing up in my PD. And some of my appointments on Google have changed time. For example I teach my elective at 2:15 but after the sync Google says I teach it at 4:15. So I’m still playing with that. I wonder if it has to do with the time setting in Google.

I’m thinking of sharing my Google calendar with my 5th grade teachers so that they can sign up for flex scheduling time. If this works, I could then easily sync my palm and there you go, all my calendars connected. The potential is there now just getting it to work right is the hard part. 🙂

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