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Gollum browser-The Wikipedia Browser

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Our web designer here at school just e-mailed this to me.

LogoGollum Browser works best with Firefox and opens and overlays a layer on Firefox that allows you to quickly and easily search Wikipedia articles. If Wikipedia is blocked at your school is this away around it? I was impressed with the speed. Wikipedia is blocked here in China, but I had no problem accessing it through this site.


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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


  1. I’m curious, do you put yourself at risk by mentioning that you accessed a blocked resource?

    This is a foreign concept to me, being based in the US. I ask out of my own curiosity!


    Chris Craft

  2. Chris,

    I don’t think I’m putting myself in any danger. Gollum is not blocked, therefore I can access it and any information it will take me to. The problem is, being such a new site you don’t know if or when it will be blocked. A good example is Miguel Guhlin’s blog. He moved to a new site and two days later blocked. Tim Wilson has been blocked for a year now at technosavvy. Blogger has been unblocked now for months but you just never know. Myspace is blocked as of last month, so our kids are flocking to facebook. I can read via RSS but can’t leave comments or actually view their sites. Also everything at wordpress is blocked. I have a couple friends with wordpress blogs and I can’t view them. That’s the frustrating thing, not knowing when or if something will be blocked which is way we’re running our own wordpressMU and try not to rely on outside sites. pbwiki is blocked but wikispaces isn’t…yet. If there are ways that are unblocked to view sites we all use them…you just don’t know how long before a route is blocked.

  3. For blocked websites that don’t require a login you can always use ‘anonymouse.org’ I’ve come to depend on it being here.

    Gollum browser still seems to work.

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