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The quarter ends on January 12, so my 6th and 7th graders are working on their final projects. Technology is only a semester long class, so this project is worth about 20% of their grade.

6th Grade is creating web sites about Internet Safety. They have to create an index page and then 3 sub pages dealing with Internet Safety. Could be IMing safety, Cell Phone Text bullying, viruses, phishing, etc. We’ve been learning Dreamweaver and Fireworks the past couple of weeks, so their final project will incorporate both programs. I’ll post the link here after we get them finished January 12.

7th Grade is creating computer games using Game Maker 6. Their games have to be about Internet Safety. I’ve been impressed with their creativity so far. One group is creating a game where a girl has to give a presentation about Internet Safety and she is running late, so she has to stop at her friends house where her friends give her little bits of information about Internet Safety. You have to visit all of her friends and make it to the presentation on time.

It’s amazing what happens when you allow students to create!

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