Feeling the frustration

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So Will Richardson up and quit his job. 2006 might just turn out to be the year that education lost all its great technology minds. It scares me a little that I can relate to what Will talks about in his post. The frustration, the conversation becoming bigger then the work you are doing in the schools, the feeling that there has to be something more or a better way to do things. That feeling of banging your head against a wall only to find out the wall is 100+ years old and just won’t move. You put all of that on top of President Bush cutting the E2T2 program and what message are we sending teachers, administrators, students, and parents? We understand that technology is important we’re just not going to fund it. In the state of the union address wasn’t there something about more science and math? So we are going to put more funding towards science and math, but not technology, please someone show me the logic in this, cause from where I’m sitting…I just don’t see it!

So here is to Will, John, and the rest of you out there feeling the frustration and taking the steps you feel you have to in this amazing, frustrating, every evolving time in history.

I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.

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