Fairwell 2005

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Well I’m off to Perth, Australia for the Holiday season, it was 33c there today…looking forward to the warm weather.

Just wanted to send a happy holiday greeting to everyone. I can’t believe how many people read my babbling on about education and technology, and google analytics gives me this cool map of where you all are reading from.


I’m hoping The Thinking Stick will continue to improve in 2006. Not sure what is in store for me, for the blog, and for my career in 2006, but we’ll just keep taking it one day at a time and see what happens.

A couple improvements already on the way are a new banner without my ugly mug on it. Not sure what the final product will look like, this new banner is just one thought I have. Also, thanks to David Warlick for pointing out Yahoo’s deal on domain names. For $2.99 you can get a domain name. So in 2006, this blog should be accessible through www.thethinkingstick.com which will be pretty cool.

So that’s it for 2005. Happy Holidays to everyone from here in Shanghai, China and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you in 2006.

I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.

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