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EARCOS 2007 comes to an end

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A quick scan of the program shows the following tech sessions were offered this year at EAROCS.

Technology Integration: 2
Future of schools: 6
Technology Tools: 2
Multimedia Tools: 5
Information Literacy: 3
Podcasting: 2
Web 2.0: 3
Tablets: 1
1:1 Implementation: 5
Cyber Bullying: 2
E-Portfolios: 1
Blogs: 2
E-Books: 1

Wiki’s aren’t mentioned at all, which is kind of interesting. Guess I know what I’ll be offering next year 😉 If you take Ian Jukes out of the program which I’ve put under the Future of Schools category, there is a pretty good range of offerings. I was told by others that this is the most technology sessions ever offered at the conference. Which is great to hear. Interesting is the number of 1:1 Implementation sessions that were offered. Everything from schools that have done it, to schools who are thinking of doing it. In a years time I think many of the International schools that were here will be either starting to implement their 1:1 programs or at the very least be well into the planning stages.

There were 5 sessions on using Multimedia tools, I wonder how many of those talked about sharing the projects on spaces like YouTube, or TeacherTube, or other public spaces? I wasn’t able to sit in on any of those sessions but it would be interesting to see if we are encouraging teachers to put this stuff on the web for feedback and to contribute it to the growing body of knowledge.

Overall it was a good conference with some great technology sessions. It was good to talk and discuss with other technology leaders in the area on what is happening at their schools and what direction they are going. Hopefully we can keep the conversation going throughout the year and continue to move International schools into the 21st century as a region and not as independent schools.


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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.

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