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Day three with Warlick

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Another great day with David. My morning started off with this e-mail from one of the teachers from yesterday’s session:

I just wanted to tell you how inspiring David Warlick’s blog session was yesterday. Seriously, I am totally psyched to use blogs in ESOL next year. The session also gave me a starting point for doing a little catch-up in tech. I know I’m woefully uninformed at this point, but until yesterday I didn’t know what I didn’t know. At least now I realize one way to better make use of tech in the classroom.

That’s exactly what we were looking for. We were hoping that David would be able to spark some interest in using technology, to help us start the conversation around these tools and how literacy is changing and therefore so must our teaching.

It’s funny….this is the third teacher that has used the line “We don’t know, what we don’t know” and I think that says where we are with these technologies. So many teachers feel this way. Where do we begin? Where do we start? The answer….anywhere!

My absolute favorite part of the day though was when one of our 5th graders came to the parent presentation tonight to meet the Blogmeister. Our 5th grade uses David’s blogmeister program for their blogs, and when this student heard that he was in town, she wanted to meet him. So she came with her parents to the presentation tonight and got to shake the blogmeisters hand.

David’s keynote is tomorrow…I’ll be blogging it live. I’m excited to see all 400 teachers in one place getting the same message. David has lite a spark in many and tomorrow we get to see that spark slowly spread across the staff.

For Valentine’s Day David and I went and got foot massages…I’ll let him tell that story. 😉

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