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A Friday night

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It’s cold wet and rainy. It’s been raining for two days. The northern wind tells of the seasonal change. The city’s lights come on at 6 rather than 8. The apartment is cold, with our one little heater trying it’s hardest to pump out the heat. My wife is at the pub with her girlfriends having an after school drink. So I’m home by myself on a chilly Friday night. So I do what any other man would do. I put on my warm WAZZU slippers, crack open a beer, put on some soft music and go through my aggregator.

OK, so maybe not what every man, or woman for that matter, would do on a Friday night, but somebody please tell me I’m not crazy to think this is the life!

I’ve been in this blogosphere stuff now for over a year and I still find it fascinating that I would rather engage with information rather then just consume it. Sure I could be watching TV like most people, but honestly I haven’t watch a complete TV program in months. Of course we do have limited programs here in China, but still. A movie here or there with my wife is about it. The rest of my time is spent here with my netvibes page going through my feeds, interacting, thinkings, writing, and responding.

I was talking to a teacher yesterday about RSS feeds as she wants to add some into her Moodle course. About how I have over 100 feeds coming to me. How I don’t go to the web anymore, but rather the web comes to me. She found this fascinating, so I showed her how it works. As we were talking she said “You’re like one of them.” Meaning her students. I took that as a compliment. Interesting though how she sees herself disconnected from her students because of her technology skills. We were talking about how to get the students to sign up for a Moodle account. As I talked she quickly scribbled notes. I stopped her and told her to just send the students to our moodle page saschinaonline.org, they’ll figure out the rest, if they can’t tell them to ask a friend.

Today I helped a librarian and an administrator start their blogs. Sarah Putnam our Deputy Superintendent started a blog today to use with some committees on generating ideas. The other person my dear friend Gwen Martin who I’ve been after for a year now as restarted her edublog Tmartoonies. Gwen, was reinspired after the k12online conference and our LAN parties. Today I helped her download the performancing extension for Firefox to make her blogging experience a little easier. I’m trying to help her spice up her edublog a little, by changing the default picture and the colors, but I can’t seem to access the style sheet to do that. Can you personalize your blog in edublogs?

So that’s it for now. Time to sit back have a cold one and do some reading.

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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.

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