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25+ million kids blogging online

We listened to Matthew Bischoff from www.matthewbischoff.com a 13 year old podcaster from 2004.

We looked at Tess Will’s daughter’s weather book on flickr where 1000 people have viewed her book.

building networks with these read/write tools is what students are already doing, why are we not using it in the classroom?

It’s about imagination. We need to have the imagination to use these new read/write tools in our classrooms to change the way we teach reading, writing, thinking, and listening.

The web changes classrooms

MIT Open Courseware 500 free classes online.

From ‘do your own work’ to ‘work with others’

The web changes texts

wikis change text to be collaborative. i.e. Wikipedia

Rip, Mix and Learn

The web changes teaching

teachers need to become connectors

teachers need to get out of the way and allow students to learn from teachers they choose on the web

The web changes learning

Learn from teachers around the world. Anyone can be a teacher on the web.

Learner decides what, when, where and how she learns.

More important to learn how to learn and find information than content

From just in case learning to just in time learning

“Nomadic Learning” site to site, place to place finding the information the learner needs.

Social Networks

People want to learn in social ways





The web changes curriculum

audience have changed from 20 students to 1 billion users

From “hand it in to” to “Publish it”

iTunes K-12 podcasts

The web changes literacy

Do we teach students to read hypertext?

“On the net, documents/pages get their value to a large degree not from what they contain but from wheat they point to.” David Weinger

Literacy is editing

Literacy is networks

working in distributed, collaborative environments

The web changes computing

web as app

What needs to change when our students can publish to audiences outside the classroom?

How does a teachers role change when we can bring primary sources into the classroom?



myspace would be the 12th most populist country in the world

We need to teach myspace


“Change is inconvenient” -Al Gore


We take the tools they use out of their hands

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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.

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