A second look at zoho

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Zoho - Work. Online A couple weeks ago I found a post by Tim Lauer where he described some web forms that he was creating using Zoho. It’s been a while since I played with Zoho and I have to say they’ve done some gerat improvements from the last time I was on the site. I played around the other night with Zoho Creator. I love the way you can customize a web form. I tried creating a web form for tech help where a teacher could fill out the form and when the ticket was active the teacher would receive an e-mail stating that the ticket was now active and the name of the technician that was working on the problem. Then when the ticket was closed by the technician it would again e-mail the teacher stating the ticket was not closed and what the outcome was. Now if only I could get it to translate from English to Chinese and back I’d be in business. 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for trying out ZohoCreator. ZohoCreator supports UTF-8 for its live mode operations. Hence it should support the chinese language. Please let us know if you face any difficulty in translating.


  2. Jeff Dungan Reply

    we here at Carol Morgan School are working in the Zoho Wikis to make our school wide web sites for teachers and admin. While we have run into a few small limitations on the editing side of their wikis, by and large, they handle the job quite nicely. More importantly, from a teachers standpoint, they are fairly intuitive to use (like most wikis) and I think the layout of Zoho’s wikis look a little more polished and professional than some of the other wikis out there. What we are also finding that is nice, is that zoho has their whole suite of apps that can go along with the wiki like creator, word processing, and spreadsheets. This makes it much easier for teachers to use and make links to from their wiki with the added benefit of being able to access their documents from anywhere, anytime since each zoho document you create is given a URL. Anyway, all in all, a fairly nice tool.
    Jeff Dungan
    Elementary Technology Facilitator
    Carol Morgan School,
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    EDUBLOG: http://jdungan.blogspot.com

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