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So it’s official which means I can talk about it here now. My job has changed for next year. Instead of being an Elementary Technology Teacher teaching Kindergarten, 1st and 5th grade, I will be a .6 MS/ES Tech Teacher and .4 Technology ??? (Title still up for discussion) The .6 will be fun as I will move to the Pudong campus here in Shanghai and teach either upper Elementary or Middle school technology depending on where the need is. The .4 is the part I am excited about. Basically I will be responsible for technology integration on both our campuses. The new position will have me overseeing all aspects of technology school wide, an exciting new position for me and heading me in the technology leadership direction (which our school currently does not have). The new position means I will be splitting my time between both campuses (about 2 hours apart) helping to get the technology we already have integrated in new and exciting ways while at the same time planning for the future.

It will also mean a move for my wife to the Pudong campus where she will continue doing the amazing job she does as an elementary school counselor. We will also be moving downtown so that we are about half way from both campuses, making my daily commute to either campus about 1 hour, while at the same time allowing us to experience downtown Shanghai. My only condition on the new apartment is it must have ADSL. Funny how being connected has become a priority in my life.

This new position comes in a large part from being apart of this community. The conversations that happen in this community I then extend into my school community creating opportunities for things to happen. It is in large part to the following people that I was chosen for this new position:

David Warlick: You turned me on to this community be doing nothing more then creating your blogmeister program and allowing 130 5th grade students to have a voice in the real world. Your 2cent postings and our e-mail conversations make me on a daily basis rethink my purpose as an educator.

John Pederson: Keep blogging man! Everyday I find something new on your site. Your brain dumps alone are enough to keep me working for weeks! I commend you for doing what you felt you had to do in quitting your job. You posted recently about the Big Frick’n Wall again. You’re over it man and headed in a new and exciting direction.

Will Richardson: Your knowledge, conversations, and implementation of blogs in education are something to be commended on. Every day I look forward to what new fun stuff you have to write about.

Doug Johnson: The librarian who should be a techie. :0 You have had a larger impact on our new ES library then you will ever know.

Tim Lauer: The principal who I want to work for. You find the most amazing gadgets and gizmos to incorporate into your school. Everyday I check to see what new fun stuff you’ve found on the web.

Steve Dembo: We had an e-mail conversation about a month ago about changing education and always getting the answer “when the time is right”. Well hopefully with this new position, the time IS right.

These are only 6 of the many people in this community who have pushed me in new and exciting directions. I look forward to my new position next year and being a part of this amazing community of bloggers.

I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


  1. Hey Jeff,
    Good luck with the new position. Sounds like it will be a great experience. Also, thank you for your kind words.

    Tim Lauer

  2. Wow! Congrats on the new job. I am looking forward to your thoughts as you define that .4 and continue the shift into tech leadership. Best of luck.


  3. Congratualations and thanks for the “hat tip” my way! I enjoy reading your experiences along the way. You also reminded me to keep up with the “brain dumps”. I’ve been slacking in the tagging lately!

  4. Isn’t it amazing how these people can do more than just inspire us once a year at conferences. Now, they can inspire us daily. This is just one of the amazing, exciting, world-changing aspects of the emerging edu-blogosphere.

    What if each of us helped one person set up a bloglines account per day?

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