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The Catshanghai blog listed the top English blogs based off Technorati and the Stick came in 8th. They used the old URL for the site. This URL according to Technorati has 133 blogs linked to it, which would put the Stick 6th.

Not sure how complete the list is but still pretty cool stuff. I follow the Shanghaiist blog but there are others here I’ll be adding to my reader.

Technorati Top of the Blogs for Shanghai – 9th April 2007
” Lifestyle blog about everything that happens in Shanghai.”
660 blogs link

“Events (in Shanghai) that affect my life (and others’)”Lots of good city living and tech tips from Google’s number 1 Shanghai blog. Unlike most English language Chinese bloggers, he doesn’t suffer from th affliction of not being able to read and write in Chinese!
488 blogs link

Aussie in the Orient
“Tales from an Aussie Nomad in Shanghai…”
487 blogs link

John Sinosplice is an ABCS American Born Chinese Speaker.
356 blogs link

Shanghai Daily Photo
Duh! a new picture from Shanghai everyday.
166 blogs link

*Shanghai Diaries
Shanghai Diaries is to Shanghaiist what Nirvana is to the Foo Fighters.
114 blogs link

Infamous kiss and tell blog by that other Englishman teaching and blogging from Shanghai.
88 blogs link

Thinking Stick
Education technology site from Jeff Utecht, blogging, twittering, screencasting and podcasting Shanghai American School.
31 blogs link

*Micah Sittig
Micah is another ABCS versatilist blogger who translated the Shanghai bus map, keeps us upto date with metro developments into English and is always first to break news about punk rock shows in Shanghai.
31 blogs link

I Spy Shanghai
”It’s just about what I do with myself- no politics or links or anything. It has got a photo of someone face down in their own vomit though.
23 blogs link

Marc van der Chijs’ Shanghaied Weblog
Newly discovered blog about technology and business issues in Shanghai.
22 blogs link

*Like a Local
Practical guide for eating well on a limited budget.
21 blogs link

*Shanghai Jazz Scene
JQ Whitcombe blogs about “what’s happening on the Jazz Scene in Shanghai, China”
21 blogs link

Shopgirl’s Shanghai
Fun gossip, lifestyle and fashion blog by Swedish-Chinese student Siyan Yu.
14 blogs link

*Tim Beckenham’s Shanghai Blog
“I’m Just Another Expat Living In Shanghai”, but he also writes lots of useful locally oriented web and technology posts.
12 blogs link

“Shanghai blog about culture, arts and technology.” My blog tries to be a schizophrenic mashup between Techcrunch, Lifehacker, Shanghaiist, Mark Kermode Pitchfork and Thinking Stick.
11 blogs link
*Blogs Written By Shanghaiist bloggers

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I started blogging in 2005 and found it such a powerful way to reflect and share my thinking about technology, this generation, and how we prepare students for their future not our past.


  1. Hi Jeff,

    I found Thinking Stick by searching Tecnorati for blogs in Shanghai, ranking them on authority (ie. number of blogs that link to them). I enjoy reading your blog. It is very informed and focused. It also has very useful links and information. My blog is all over the place. It’s more of a busman’s holiday than a work project.

    The Technorati Shanghai search gave me my first list of blogs to put in the chart, but I knew some blogs were missing so I manually searched for them and logged the number of links, before assembling the chart. The biggest problem I had was working with tables in html. WordPress 2.1 likes to rerender html in strange ways, but it would be good if there was a mashup to display this data as a live widget.

    I have had a little bit of negative feedback about this post, but lists of any kind are not meant to be taken too seriously and the aim was to inform myself and others about Shanghai’s English language bloggers, mostly doing it for no or very little money.

    I am interested to read your progress in installing Moodle and blog software at SAS. I teach at BISS Pudong and have been using Moodle with ICT secondary classes for the last year. At the momonet, I am hosting my Moodle site from the US, but we are in the process of moving it across to a local web server, but our network manager is a keen on using Radius to authenticate accounts using a unified login for all aspects of the network.

    I have begun experimenting with ELGG as a blogging, digital portfolio and social networks tool for schools that is far less structured than Moodle and offers more scope for students to showcase their achievements creatively. Have you had any experience of ELGG?

    A year ago, some colleagues at SCIS and Concordia organised a forum to share common issues and ideas related to technology issues in Shanghai international schools. It didn’t really get off the ground, although it would be very useful if there was a forum for like minded people to bounce ideas off each other, maybe a TWIT-like podcast for Shanghai.

    Good luck with your new learning network. Catch up with you soon,


  2. If anything does get organized, I’d like to be in on it too. I’m in the math department at SMIC (and on the above list as well 😉


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