30boxes sync to Palm

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So I started a 30boxes account a couple days ago as a way for my wife and me to keep track of our summer plans. So she has a calendar and I have a calendar and we added each other at buddies. So now as we make plans we can both add them to basically the same calendar staying in sync with each other.

We both have a Palm T5 that we use and I wanted to find a way to sync our 30boxes accounts to our palms. I wish Palm Desktop would allow you to import other iCal standard calendars. That would be great. But for the meantime I have found a work around.

I use Avantgo to download and read newsletters and magazines offered through their free service. They recently release the ability to add your own RSS feeds. So now each time I sync my Palm I get the RSS feeds I want. I took the RSS feed for my 30boxes account and added it to my Avantgo account and then hot synced. It worked like a charm. You can’t add to the calendar or set reminders, but you can view your events. A good place to start until a better solution comes along.

These online social calendars could have a place in schools. Envision a student who has an online calendar and then adds his class calendars to his personal calendar. Each time a teacher adds something to the class calendar it automatically appears on the student’s calendar. Talk about staying organized. Where was that when I was in high school?

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