What could a teacher do with a laptop?

I’ve been thinking lately (always scary) about changing the PD model. Mark Ahlness responded to my last posting stating:

Use the new technologies, for goodness sakes. Right, powerpoint is not
a new technology, neither are web pages. Don’t use them. I don’t have
the answers right now, but I know they are out there. The model of
staff development in schools as is should be totally scrapped. Wipe off
the table, clear out the preconceived notions. Start over.

I couldn’t agree more! But here is what I’m running into. How do we redo staff development in a 21st century way without 21st century tools? I can think of some really cool ways to do professional development where every teacher had a laptop. Where the PD becomes personalized as teachers could jump from link to link and personalize their training.

So what could teacher do with a laptop? I’m looking for some help here so please feel free to add!

  • Create individualized RSS aggregater for their subject/area based off information in a PD session.
  • Interact and add to a wiki session in real time.
  • Take notes in a common document using writely or other online program and share them instantly.
  • Blog about the training during the training
  • Browse the web for resources and connections during the training instead of after the training.
  • Create a social bookmarking site using del.icio.us or other site where people could create a resource rich site for all to share.
  • Listen to podcasts or watch videos on a personal screen rather then on a large presentation screen, giving those in the back row the same view as those in the front.

I’m sure there are more, and it’s been 5 years since I’ve been in a school where teachers had their own laptops. 5 years ago web 2.0 didn’t exist.

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