Wetpaint vs Blackboard

Major Mark Rea sent me this video and wiki to share. He’s a Major in the US Army and uses a wiki with cadets as part of his fitness program. Recently, he recorded his students thoughts on using a wiki instead of using BlackBoard (which I assume they have used before). Some good honest feedback and a fascinating wiki.

Oh yeah….and he has a podcast on iTunes too.

(Full Disclosure: I am the educational ambassador for Wetpaint Educational Wikis)

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  1. As a student majoring in Education I am learning new and different ways to include technology in the classroom. Thank you for introducing me to Wetpaint. It could prove to be very helpful in my future classroom!


  1. Randy Rodgers - RT @jutecht: Wetpaint vs Blackboard http://tinyurl.com/cqxmf7 Interesting, Jeff--thanks for sharing.
  2. Lisa Jones Barry - RT @jutecht Wetpaint vs Blackboard http://tinyurl.com/cqxmf7
  3. markrea - Wetpaint v Blackboard http://tinyurl.com/cqxmf7 from: @jutecht Truly appreciate your support posting my wiki video feedback! Go Wetpaint..!
  4. The US Army on Wetpaint! - [...] can see Jeff’s post which includes a video from the Army site with soldier reactions to the Wetpaint platform,…

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