The Perfect Elective

I received an e-mail today from next year’s principal asking us to create and give a short description of the electives we want to teach next year. So this got me thinking what would be the perfect technology elective? If you had unlimited budget and flexibility, what would you teach to 6,7,8 graders?

I haven’t written the description yet for the class I want to teach, and it hasn’t even been approved yet. But here is the elective I submitted:

Media 2.0

The class would consist of everything 2.0. Really bring all these new tools into the hands of the students and let them experiment with them. At this point I envision a blog with a title Tech for Teens or something like that. The students would create podcasts about technology tools, do how to screencasts for teens, talk about research skills  and other sites besides Google to use for researching homework. I would love to have a weekly video podcast doing like a CNET style review of the latest teen gadgets. The new cell phone, the new mp3 player, or the hottest new online game. Of course being in China would mean looking at the option of having the site both in English and Chinese.

The elective of course would be aimed at the techno student. Allowing students an opportunity to experience these new tools and review them for others. I believe it falls within the guidelines of the middle school elective philosophy:

Middle School Electives allow students to choose an additional courses which are intended to enrich or allow a student to specialize in a particular subject area of their choice.  Middle school students are encouraged to explore curricular and personal interests that they found motivational and interesting in their regular coursework within the elective format.