The 21st Century Studio

A great posting today on U Tech tips from Shaun McElroy on Classrooms as studios. Some great links to some great information.

Let me give you a couple of hints:
Everything moves
Ergonomics people, ergonomics
Flexible spacing
1:1 computing
where are the wires?

Check out the whole post here. Worth your time to follow the links as well. I’m in the middle of it and already my head hurts!

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  1. It is important to remember that studios are about much more than the physical space. While the space is certainly important, (and thanks for the links and the podcast, this will be my info on my walk to school this A.M.) and a studio (I think) cannot exist without a “proper” physical space, studios are mostly about pedagogy and about how we organize the learning that occurs in that space.

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