Shanhai LAN Party conversation

Here are the two videos that Jonathan Chambers put together from the K12online LAN party in Shanghai today. As we were wrapping up, Jonathan asked everyone to turn on their iCam and just let it record. Before everyone left Jonathan gathered the video and created these great YouTubes that get to the heart of what we discussed today.

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Thanks for posting this… I wish I could have been in on the conversation, but at least I can watch some of the discussion. I struggle with the problem of releasing the tools as well. Cell phones and iPods can do some many incredible things now that we should be using them, not restricting them. We should be coaching and guiding students to use technology responsibly and effectively, but that doesn’t happen when the item is locked away. Even the computers are problematic for some teachers, which is troubling, because I work at a 1:1 school. During the KORCOS conference I facilitated a job-a-like session for technology-minded teachers and some of my colleagues came to the session. One of them started complaining about the computers in his classroom disrupting class; this is when I realized that for 75 minutes this guy is lecturing. The problem isn’t the computers — it is basic classroom management skills this person is lacking. Also, it is sad that those computers aren’t being used to deliver content.


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  2. tsbray - @israelgreg If you have a chance watch these two short videos for people at the Learning 2.008 conference.

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