Planning for 21st Century Technologies


Thank you to everyone who gave feedback over the five posting about a 21st Century Tech plan. I have been rethinking, reworking, and rewriting based on the comments left on the blog posts and created this 21 page PDF document that brings it all together.

I hope it is useful to someone!

Update: This plan was polished up, reorganized and published in this book in June 2009.

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  1. Hi Jeff!

    I have just started reviewing your 21st Century Tech plan. I was wondering if you’ve ever considered merging or integrating the support aspect of your plan directly into student learning. GenTech (smartinez) might be a good example of how this is done in some schools. I really think that technology support and communication is imperative for 21st century learning. It can also help offset the high price of technology support and teach students the proper way of communicating in different types of situations.

    I love your comments especially on school portals and teacher websites. I vowed never to teach another web design class that used the tools you’ve mentioned. I’m also doing some serious reflecting about your section on LMS in schools and seeing how Moodle could indeed bring about some of these goals.

    Fun stuff! Awesome job!



  2. Hi Jeff,

    Great document. I think you’ve identified where schools need to be heading. I’ve just posted on my blog with links to this page. Have you seen the Scholaris Learning Gateway. link to I’m from Australia and we’ve just taken this on – I think it can do the things you talk about in your document – you should check it out.

  3. Jeff, thanks for putting this together and sharing it out. I’ve been the IT Director at Canadian independent school (Appleby College – for the last 7 seven years. We’ve had a 1:1 laptop (now tablet) program going for 10 years in addition to implementing a course management system, interactive whiteboards, media program, etc. etc. My experience tells me you are right on the money with what you are saying here. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hey Jeff,
    Is the pdf still posted here?? I was hoping to be able to take a look at that and share it with the folks at my new school…I found it to be an excellent piece of work.

    Matt Montagne


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